Monday, June 28, 2010

Ask the Yankee #4 - Answers to Your DIY Questions


It's Monday night–a time to get those tough, challenging, oft-frustrating DIY questions answered by an expert.

If you've ever gotten stumped by a project and wished you had a go-to-guy for answers, this event is for you!

The details for linking up are listed below. 

But first, let's address a question from last week.

Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely asked:  "What is the best top coat for painted wood furniture that will be on a covered porch outside?" 

Before I adressed Ann Marie's question, I needed answers to a few of my own. 

I needed to know the type of furniture and the type of paint used.  In other words, was the furniture originally intended for inside or outside use? Was it painted with an indoor/outdoor paint, such as Rust-Oleum, or regular interior latex?

I also needed to discern if the furniture would be subjected to the elements–rain, wind, sun, etc.–to any degree.

Ann Marie informed me that the piece in question was a wooden table with a laminate top, originally intended for indoor use.  The paint she used was an interior latex.  She felt that the elements would not be an issue, due to the location of the table on the porch.

Interior latex does not stand up to outdoor conditions, so a sealant would defintitely provide added protection. 

Since her table was painted a pale aqua color, my suggestion was Rust-Oleum's Varathane Diamond Spar Urethane.  Because it is a non-yellowing formula, it will give her the protection she needs without altering the paint's color.

Now, it's your turn to Ask the Yankee!

 Here's how:

Create a post on your blog addressing your DIY question and showing others where you're stuck in your project and need direction.

Link your post to the Ask the Yankee event with a direct link–not one to your main blog and

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Leave your question in the comment section of this Ask the Yankee post, and place the event button on your blog's sidebar.

Next week, a question or two–along with their solutions–will be featured at the cottage.


  1. I've been hearing a lot of great things about Varathane, and have been wanting to try it out, so now's my chance! :) Thanks a bunch!

  2. I have a question--how do I measure my master bathroom for tile? I have no clue how much to get. What equipment would be the easiest equipment for me(tile cutter, carpet remover-yes, there is carpet in our bath--yuck, molding remover, etc...) to install this all myself?
    P.S. Thank you!!!

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