Monday, June 7, 2010

Ask the Yankee #1 - Answers to Your DIY Questions

If you've read the introductory post for my Yankee sweetheart, you know he is quite the handyman. He designs, creates, builds, constructs, remodels, refinishes, repurposes…

You name it–he can do it!

As a home remodeler–with over thirty years experience–and a designer and builder of furniture and accessories–for the past fifteen years–he has gained vast experience and know-how in the area of do-it-yourself.

Now be honest. Even the best of us DIY mavens get stumped with our projects occasionally, right?

Have you ever wished for your own personal go-to-guy for answers to those tough DIY questions?

Well, now you have one!

Each Monday night, you can link a post or ask a question to get your toughest, most challenging, oft-frustrating questions answered by the Yankee.

Here's how:

Create a post on your blog addressing your DIY question–showing others where you're stuck in your project and need direction.

Link your post to that week's Ask the Yankee event. Link with a direct link to a post, not your main blog.

Be sure to link back to the Brambleberry Cottage within your post.


Leave your question in the comment section of the Ask the Yankee post, and place the event button on your sidebar.

The following week, a few of your questions–along with their solutions–will be featured at the cottage.

The link will be up by 9 pm EST on Monday nights.


  1. Question: the caulking for the moulding is yellowed & i've painted over it several times & it will not go away - the caulking merely gobbles up the paint. what do i do to get rid of the yellowed caulking?

  2. What is the best product for cleaning up and polishing antique wood so you end up with a nice healthy looking item?

  3. Jenn, Briwax is the best wax to use on fine antiques, but it is rather expensive.

    If your piece is old, like the tool chest I posted about in the newest Tips & Tricks Tuesday, but not a fine piece of furniture, either Minwax or Bowling Alley wax works well.


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