Friday, June 18, 2010

Rally for Raleigh

As the Yankee and I are traveling around, participating in various markets and antiques and collectibles shows, I'm finding that there are some venues I like more than others.

The Raleigh Flea Market has become one of my favorite locations to sell–and buy–from.

You just can't beat the diversity of goods–and the creativity of some of the vendors–that you'll find there. 

Meet Connie–an occasional vendor at this flea market.  Her creations are sure to delight the eye.

That's her peeking from behind one of her terrific garden structures made from old windows.

I've seen this idea in magazines for a couple of years, but Connie has come up with a few of her own sweet flourishes to add to the concept. 

Isn't that miniature chandelier the cutest thing!

And how clever is this?  A ceiling light cover transformed into a cloche.

Green is one of my very favorite colors, and this particular shade looks fabulous on this bead-board-vintage-door bench.

Look how chic these wooden candle holders have become with a fresh coat of paint and bobeches and crystals.

This old window sash makes an adorable display shelf.

I wonder if the Yankee and I can find time between shows, and the multitudes of projects we're in the midst of, to build a display case like the one below–a marvelous mix of vintage ceiling tins and a chippy old door frame.

You just know we're bound to have an old door frame or two–or ten–in our stash of salvage in one of the barns.

Sooo many ideas; so little time!

Did you notice that Connie's specialty happens to be the creative reuse of old window sashes, doors, and salvage materials? 

 Here at the Brambleberry Cottage, savvy salvage reuse happens to be our passion. 

Whether we're creating lamps from chippy balusters or rusty gears, or using vintage window sashes and salvaged beaded board, our goal is to create unique, one-of-a-kind items that exude character and charm.

How have we done so far?

Sharing Connie's sweet splashes of pink at Beverly's for Pink Saturday.


  1. Yay for the Raleigh flea market!!! My husband and I both attended NC State. So we spent plenty of time at the flea market when we lived on that side of Raleigh. We don't go very often now. But seeing all those beautiful things, we definitely have to get out there!

    Mary Ellen

  2. WOW!! What great pieces you have shared with us here today!!
    I love all of them but those candlesticks are especially calling out to me!!


  3. OMG how beautiful. I live 2 hours from Raleigh and will have to check this flea market out. I love all the things you have shared with us today. Thanks and be blessed, Vicky

  4. Wow! She does wonderful work. Quite creative. We're on vacation now shopping these types of venues, don't think we'll get that far east though. One can always drool!

  5. That looks like it might be the best flea market ever! I love every thing you showed!

  6. Oh Wow! What a wonderful Flea Market.
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    to receive your award.
    Melody, Brown Gingham Creations

  7. Total to die for AGAIN eye candy....why can't I figure out how to join those fun clubs help??

  8. Such creative ideas with these old windows!I have a few old window frames in my garden that could use a bit of creative additions..I love the "miniature chandelier" great idea!
    Thank you for sharing all this on PS!
    hugs anna

  9. Beautiful stuff!! I so wish I was there! I loved everything you showed us and could absolutely find homes for all of it at my house!!

  10. Looks pretty neat! I love chippy, and that market looks like something I would love!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  11. I live about 3 hrs. from Raleigh-I just might have to take a road trip!

  12. LOts of prettiness here again today! Love the splashes of both pink and aqua!!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Oh what a wonderful market day, and such great finds!

    Happy PS!

  14. I see so many things I would like to bring home with me. Gorgeous post today. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  15. After looking at your photo's, I know I would have gone totally insane with joy at such a flea market...and come home broker than broke!
    Todays garage sale nearly cost me my pancake breakfast! lol
    Thanks for sharing your fun!!

  16. Hi dear Liz....
    I just almost fainted with sheer delight..and in the first picture,I had already spotted the cloche. :). Thank you,thank you for shpwing the close up..he things,like yours are just magical and wonderful. Happy Pinks and have a fantastic week.
    P.S. I love all the little shelves/shadow boxes that hold so many treasures..

  17. What treasures! Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Oh my I so love this blogspot! And what wonderful lovely ideas you and the Yankee have! My husband and I have so many old parts and pieces from doors and windows and so on that we could spend a liftime making these kinds of projects.
    Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog, I love keeping treack the goins on. What is the "linky thing" you suggested I take part in? I am new to blogging and just now finding out all the tricks of the trade so to speak. I'd be happy to enter, just need to know what and where?

  19. I live in Moore County and I'm sure to be at the Raleigh Flea Market Sun.!!! Come join me at


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