Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tips and Tricks Tuesday # 4 – May the Force Be With You


Welcome to the fourth Tips & Tricks Tuesday linky party here at the Brambleberry Cottage.

Last week, we had some truly awesome tips and tricks shared by some equally awesome bloggers.

Check it out!

Give me an "M" for marvelous door décor...and a "tut" to boot! Visit Kristyn @ Lil Luna for the complete how-to on prettying up and personalizing a wreath.

Jude @ Dolce Cape Cod has a new trick "up" her sleeve to keep spray paint "off" her sleeve, and her arm and her fingers…

All you spray painters out there will love this baby!

Want a cute little gift idea to make for that special mommy-to-be? Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody has a great tutorial on how to make a baby sling for that little bundle of joy.

Why just store those souvenirs in a closet or box, when you can create a great addition to your home's décor? 

Leanne @ Organize and Decorate Everything has a fab idea for displaying all those vacation souvenirs you're collecting right now. 

Batter up!  Beth Anne @ The Thrifty Ba gave us a thrifty tip for making adorable sporty gifts for the baseball fans in our lives.

And, Jillian @ The Virginia House has a terrific trick for turning blah to beautiful. Go visit her to see what I mean.

Great job, all you tips and tricksters!

Now it's my turn to share another Brambleberry Cottage tip and trick.

I almost forgot to take pictures!  So just imagine this roller is still loaded with paint

Come on!  I know you can do it!

A number of years ago–quite by accident–I discovered this little trick for cleaning a paint roller.

At the time, I did not have a utility sink and hated cleaning paint brushes and rollers in my kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Desperate for an alternative,  I took the tedious task outside–and loved the results.

Here's the trick: 
Starting at one end of the roller–along the edge...

repeatedly move the stream of water from a gardenhose back and forth, toward...

the opposite end.

The force of the water will start the roller spinning, and centrifugal force will spin the diluted paint and water out of the roller. are few tips for this trick:
Start with a light stream of water, at first, and build up the pressure as the paint begins to wash out of the roller. 

If you have an extension handle, use it.  If not, be careful to start out slowly, or you might just end up wearing pretty paint spatters.  ; )

Make sure you perform this task in an area where flying paint and water won't damage anything.

Once the roller is satisfactorily cleaned, try these tricks to dry it faster.


After removing the roller cover from the roller, begin squeezing it, top...

to bottom,...

while rotating it in your hands.  Do this until there is no longer any water to wring out.

Next, while gripping the cover firmly in your hand, give it a few abrupt shakes toward the ground.

Now you're good to go for the next round of painting.

And there you have it!


  1. Linked up this your tip on the paint roller....I would get so frustrated cleaning those I throw them out....I will try this as I will be painting doors soon. Thanks for hosting.

  2. that for featuring my baseball treats!

  3. Your paint roller tip is handy! I'm busy painting something right now using a roller.

    Thanks for hosting! :o)

  4. Thanks for inviting me over! There are some great tips here.


  5. Of course, such a simple way to clean a paint roller, and I bet it works great. Thanks for the inspiration.....


  6. I have enjoyed your the pics!!


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