Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Mooving Experience

This year's Memorial Day weekend was spent doing an antiques and collectibles show in the beautiful mountain region of Hillsville, VA.

The lovely country setting above was what I enjoyed each day as I looked out the front of my booth.

And the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains provided a gorgeous backdrop to the left of where I was set up.

I know I usually share with you the vendors' offerings that I find most interesting from each show.  But I'm afraid I have none to share from Hillsville.

Oh, there were ample goodies to photograph, and I did make an attempt.   Honest...I did!

But most of the vendors were down in the valley, and I was set up on the hillside.  And no, it wasn't the walk that deterred me.  I love to walk. 

It was the heat.  With temps in the upper 90s, it was almost unbearable. 

We positioned our tent on the hill to catch a breeze and to provide shade throughout most of the day.  So our site was one of the coolest places to be.

When I finally ventured out of my booth to take pictures, the heat was so awful I hotfooted it (literally) right back to my shady little spot.  Sorry!

But I do have something very special to share from the show.

Meet Redrock...the ten-year-old, 2400 lb Brahma bull. 

You can't really tell from this photo, but this guy is huge!

You see, Redrock spends his days touring with his human family, letting folks ride him and get their pictures taken with him. That's what he was doing at this show.

His owners began domesticating him when he was ten months old, so he would be totally calm and gentle around people.

Being the animal lover that I am, I spent every spare moment I could petting him. 

During one of my visits, his momma (owner TJ), told me that he really likes having his neck scratched.  So I happily obliged. 

I could tell that he thoroughly enjoyed being petted, by his response–much the same as a dog having his belly rubbed. 

At one point he even put his head on my shoulder.  Awww!!!

I cannot begin to describe to you just how sweet this animal is. If ever there was a "gentle giant," Redrock is it!

I also discovered that his very favorite treat is a honey bun.  That's TJ rewarding him for being such a good boy.

I had fully intended to have my picture taken with Redrock on the last day of the show. Unfortunately, an unexpected downpour sent everyone into a frenzy trying to pack up goods before they were ruined.

I missed my opportunity for a photoshoot with Redrock, but I hope to see him again at the fall show. 

And I'll be sure to bring a pack of honey buns.  Because he is such a good boy!!!

Sharing the beautiful blue sky, Blue Ridge Mountains, and Redrock's blues at Sally's for Blue Monday.



  1. Awwww what a sweet fellow...I can see why you fell in love with him. Too bad it was so hot that weekend and I certainly don't blame you for staying under cover in the shade. What a wonderful setting for the show...wish we didn't live so far away or I would have been there on the hunt! Have a wonderful weekend....Maura :)

  2. Redrock looks like a very sweet bull. Having met a few bulls in my life, I never thought I would put the words sweet and bull in the same sentence. Enjoyable post. I lived in Raleigh for 3 years and enjoyed weekend trips up into VA. The mountains are beautiful.

  3. Your post made me smile! He's a dear!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend~

  4. So Sweet!!! I don't blame you for spending as much time as you could with him. I would have also!!

  5. What an amazing location for a show! I just love cows, and you took some really great photos of them. Looks like Redrock has a sweet tooth!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Wow! That is one big cow! Looks like you had fun!

  7. Love the photos, sooo cute.
    don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  8. Wonderful photos, lov ethe blue skies. Redrock looks like a real sweetie.
    Happy Blue MondaY!

  9. He is one beautiful animal...and I see a LOT of bulls and such here in Texas...and he is PRETTY. Interesting color.
    He did not seem to suffer much from the heat..or did he...with that saddle on ?


  10. Beautiful and very interesting...Redrock looks like a very sweet bull.
    Happy BM!

  11. What gorgeous pictures.. Redrock seems to be so gentle and sweet mannered. Happy Blues..have a lovely week.

  12. For all you other animal lovers. Redrock was perfectly content in the heat.

    I was concerned, as well, and asked his owners about it. They shared with me that his breed is from India and therefore accustomed to intense heat. Also, Brahman cattle have a greater ability to withstand the higher temperatures because they have more sweat glands.

    He had a breezy, cool spot in the shade to retreat to throughout the day and was misted often.

    His owners treat him with the same love & care that you and I do our beloved pets. So...not to worry.

  13. I've visited those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and traveled above the clouds! Thanks for reminding me of lovely times. Happy Blue Monday.

  14. I am just so surprised that they domesticated a bull like this. Was he neutered to make him calmer? What a sweet fellow! I read a website from time to time, and the writer lives with some a wild animal that was domesticated as well as some cows and bulls who are more like pets. It always amazes me to see things like this. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  15. What a beautiful scene you had during your show. I totally understand the heat and search for a cool breeze. I haven't ventured too far from my AC this past week.
    As for Redrock, he looks like a big old know he was having as much fun as y'all were.
    And yes Brahman have a very great tolerance for the heat, most cattle do.

  16. Awww, I love him...thank you for sharing him with us! Happy Blue Monday~

  17. The bull looks enormous! I'm not sure I would have had the nerve to go near him. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Come by and visit when you get the time. Debbie

  18. he's amazing!!!
    Happy Blue Monday!!!

  19. What a sweet aunt had a white one named Sugar...he was far from that...he was a mean as they came, but he was such a pretty animal!! Happy Blue Monday!

  20. Beautiful and amazing!
    Happy Blue.

  21. The Hills vile is a beautiful place to visit and is also popular market collectibles, antiques, crafts, and food.

    The hills are so lush green and serene with beautiful animals are grazing around. It makes the view more beautiful and attractive to visit. The tent area looks so organized which provides shelter from heat.

  22. He is beautiful - I so wish you had a picture of him with his head on your shoulder...


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