Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time Travel Thursday #5 - Funky Fun

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams."
~Jeremy Irons~

Welcome to the fifth Time Travel Thursday linky party at The Brambleberry Cottage.
Are you ready to share your fondest memories, grandest dreams,
and most creative projects? Great!

Show us what you've got!

While visiting my favorite salvage haunt, I found this fantastic vintage
chair.  I loved everything about it—the shape, the remnants of the cool
blue-green paint it wore, and the price...
only four bucks!

I couldn't resist.  It just had to come home with me.   ; )

Though the totally dilapidated seat was a bit of a drawback, the
incredibly sturdy solid oak frame was a selling point.

I knew I wanted to maintain the terrific color—as found—but I wasn't exactly sure
what I wanted to do with the seat.  I debated between a pre-woven
 replacement, and a solid panel that I could upholster.  But, neither of
those choices seem to fit the character of the chair.

Then the Yankee and I began working on a few projects incorporating the wonderful
vintage beadboard we have stashed in one of the barns... 
and inspiration hit!

With a circular saw and a chisel, the old seat was removed,
 and a recessed area was created.

I selected a handful of beaded-board pieces—leftover from
prior projects—and the Yankee went to work cutting them down to size.

We played around with a few patterns, until we found one
we both liked.

This vintage beauty now sports a fun, funky new seat from
old beadboard.

It's just what this past-to-present project needed
to bring her into the 21st-century!   ; )

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  1. Well... that is just too cute!! Love it!

  2. OMG1 love the chair! The colors are so cool.

  3. Oh this is just too perfect! As soon as I saw the thumbnail over at Suzanne's I knew this was another one of your terrific old beadboard creations! It's fab!

  4. You are amazing! This is so fantastic! I usually pass by those chairs, not realizing how cute it could be! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. What an great idea you came up with for that vintage chair. It is amazing what a difference a little hard work and ideas can come together.

  6. That is absolutely AWESOME! Looooove it!

  7. I'm always impressed about what you and the Yankee dream up!

    You're always so inventive! I wonder what's in your drinking water...

    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I love it's just as sweet as can be. Happy VTT...have a beautiful weekend.

  9. I just love how you did that seat. It is the coolest thing and the colors are perfect. Happy 4th, Vicky

  10. Love the chair! The different colors of beadboard give it so much character!

  11. This is a wonderfully innovative idea! I have an old rush rocking chair and I'm debating still how to redo the back and seat; this is so clever! Already following along from SYST...Pam @ Sallygoodin

  12. I really like the green chair with lots of chip paint around it.. truly a vintage.. and the new colourful wood pieces to replace the sitting just add more colours to it.. thanks for sharing.

  13. Ohhh WOW totally stunning - gorgeous reno - well done, love it!

  14. AWESOME!! Love it ..
    Happy 4th to you and yours!
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  15. That is one fantastic chair!!!

  16. That Yankee of yours is pretty handy. You two make a great pair. The chair is eye-catching. That'd be pretty in the house or garden. Now this is the second reason I'm gonna have to start looking for discard chairs.....thanks a lot!;D

  17. Love the chair makeover you did! Great idea. Thanks for hosting the party.


  18. This is so great. You both think of the neatest things. Thanks for coming back and linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!!

  19. Hi liz.. I enjoyed seeing how you replaced the chair seat with 'wood slats'.. very interesting.. and, thanks so much for your visit today and your sweet words.. I'd love to be part of your weekly parties.. thank you

  20. That chair is amazing! I love what you did -- and the different colors! Lovely!!

  21. oh i absolutely love this!! the colors & vintage style & just everything! thanks for sharing :)

    i linked up my latest project too.

  22. The new beadboard seat is a perfect match for the chair. :-)

  23. LOVE it! What a great blog! Following you from Tip Junkie!!
    Amy @

  24. I love this!!!! What a great looks better now than it ever did new I am sure!!! Wonderful!! Have a great VTT!

  25. Another bead board project of wonderfulness! That is a seriously great chair project, so unique with lots of character. I am so jealous of your stash of painted boards! Clever clever. Have a great Fourth!

  26. I love your chair. I am working on a similar project. I tried linking up but I have to tell you linkz is having problems-both kast night and today --it takes forever to get a post entered. The linky tools go right in.
    I can not get my picture loaded on yours either--I would love to have you come by and take a look and if you can enter it-great.


  27. I loved the chair, no matter what...but that was an amazing idea for the seat!!

  28. I adore the colors in the chair - pastelly without being sugary.

  29. What a great transformation...very clever

  30. Love love love your chair! That bead board rocka!

  31. This is just incredible! I'll never be afraid of broken caning again! Those colors are perfect!

  32. I always love it when I see beadboard used in chair seats. The colors of this chair and seat are so perfect together.
    Great job!

  33. Love the fixer upper! The chair would look awesome as a teacher's chair in a classroom also! Thanks for linking up this week to It's Party Time Thursday@PonyTails&FishScales!


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