Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time Travel Thursday #22 - Mission Accomplished


Welcome to the 22nd Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage.

Are you ready for our next trip back in time and into the future?

Great; let's get to travelin'!

Recently, I came across some of my old photographs of past decorating projects from the 1980s.

During that era, I was working with a team of designers decorating model homes.

For this particular project, I was given the challenge of creating a cozy daybed from two secondhand, twin headboards—made of wicker.

If you look at the reflection in the mirror, you'll get an idea of what the headboards looked like, prior to their transformation.

As you can see, they had a nice, classic look about them.

But, the idea for the design of this tiny room was to create an environment where one would want to snuggle up with a good book or just daydream.

I needed to soften the look to establish that.

To accomplish this, I fabricated one side of each headboardwith extra-thick, cushy batting under white polished cottonthen trimmed out each piece with extra-large welt cording, covered with matching shirred cotton. 

Then each headboard was screwed to the ends of a standard, metal twin-size frame, with the fabric facing inside.

Once the mattress and box spring were in place, it was time to layer on the comfort.

The first order of business was to place a down-filled comforter atop the mattressesfollowed by a handful of plump, squishy pillows.

In my opinion, there is no decorating element that speaks "coziness" more than an enticing bunch of pillows to sink into.

I created a number of themin various sizes and complimentary fabricsand placed them at each end of the bed.

To further develop the cocooning effect, I made a simple tented window treatmentfrom a pale geometric print—that added a hint of pattern and interest to the room.

The result...
 a peaceful, laid-back space to invite relaxation and daydreaming.

I would say, the challenge was met and the mission successfully accomplished. ; )

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  1. A most interesting show of how some of the vintage decorations can be used.

  2. Love your stuff! Beautiful space!

  3. Liz! I have missed coming over here! I got your are things going? We were right in the middle of that wedding I was preparing for and then T'giving...I just had to drop out of blog land for a couple of weeks! I went to Concord yesterday and was sad to see an empty space...hope and pray all is well. Give me an update when you can! Merry Christmas my friend!

  4. Hi Liz ~ I made it to the party, it is after midnight, so I linked Up & will be back to sit & visit tomorrow.... Thanks for letting me know about the party *<<<-

  5. Beautiful and romantic space, I lake it!
    Kisses, Zondra Art

  6. So beautiful, thanks for hosting:))
    Hugs, Biljana

  7. Looks so soft and cozy! Very beautiful space! I can't believe I've never seen your blog. I love it!

    I'm following along!

  8. I like the quiet understatement of the curtain...

  9. I hopped on! Happy Thursday!

    xox Jeanne

  10. Love your blog and your post. I'm following and I've also linked to your linky party. Thanks a bunch.

  11. Lovely! I love the vintage picture tags! Have a great day!

  12. Love the warm vintage look!..thank you for posting at Betty Bee's Buzz!!

  13. Sooo cozy looking! I could spend all day there with a good book! Great job! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Gorgeous!
    I was going to link up this morning but the collection is closed. Oh well....I'll try again next week!
    Thanks for the invite/reminder :)


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