Thursday, December 2, 2010

Talented Time Travelers in Focus #20

Let's take a peek at some of the terrifically talented travelers from last week's Time Travel party.

Modern Country Lady likened her stool makeover to a sweetshop confection project.

I couldn't agree more!

The blogosphere is already abuzz with Christmas tips and tricks.

Betty and the Honeybees @ Betty Bee's Buzz shared several project ideas to get us started.

After several frustrated attempts to get the look she longed for in her bathroom...

Lisa @ SERENDIPITY CHIC DECOR hit the nail on the head.

Well, actually, it was a matter of stripes on the wall.  ; )

Are you caught in a whirlwind of activity, trying to spruce up your digs before the holiday, but question whether you'll get it all done?

Quality Custom Designs Etsy shop might just be part of the solution.

Hospitality is not just about having charming decor.

Preparing delicious dishes for family and friends is part of the equation, as well.

TREAT & TRICK  came to the rescue with this yummy Thai recipe for us to try.

The Wool Acorn offers adorable handcrafted acorns for sale.

And guess what they're made of?  ; )

Wanna add a little glitz to your holiday this year?

Check out Tammy @ Life is Not Just Paper and Glue for a few tips how.

Thanks to all the time travelers who joined the fun last week.

I can't wait to see what creative ideas you link to the next Time Travel Thursday party!


  1. I love the stool makeover! Just wonderful! They all are such creative ideas.

  2. Great projects, Liz! I have to go visit these bloggers, who are new to me!

  3. Thank you for spotlighting my bow tutorial. The stool makeover is just adorable!

  4. Thanks Liz for your nice comments your spotlights, this week are fabulous!!

  5. love the recipe idea... not sure the kids will eat it but then... sometimes I just don't care!


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