Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Outdoor Whites

If I were permitted only two colors to decorate with, without hesitation, my choices would be various hues of white and soft shades of green.

Both colors have remained basic staples of my home-decorating stylefor most of my adult life.

Both colors speak tranquility and restfulness to me.

Not only do I use those colors substantially indoorsthroughout the cottagebut I surround myself with their beauty outdoors, as well.

For instance, my wicker setteewith its chippy, white paint and comfy, white matelasse-covered cushionscreates a wonderfully relaxing spot on the front porch.

Surrounding it with other decorative elements, like this vintage beaded-board boxone of our creationsadds to its overall charm.

You've seen this little guy before, but I can't resist introducing him to you again.

He's one of my favorite garden adornments!

I could have chosen to give the vintage windows, I used for my yard conservatory, a fresh coat of white paint, but I preferred the timeworn appearance of the existing whites.

Sometimes I use whites to soften the lines of pieces that seem too stark

as was the case with the pieces I used for my serene tablescape in the field.

Other times, I use white as an anchor amidst a sea of color.

I find that no matter where I use them—inside or out—shades of white introduce an element of calm repose.

Joining Kathleen for White Wednesday and Susan for Outdoor Wednesday.


  1. beautiful post and pics- I so agree, white and green, perfect!


  2. Very lovely pictures.... thanks for sharing!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  3. Love the conservatory, it's perfect as is. . .
    Great photos!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love white in the outdoors. Brings out the green so beautifully.

  5. Great ideas...I just might copy your window greenhouse...I have lots of old window. And I love the idea of using old lace curtains over the chairs outside. Thanks!

  6. And I agree, really nice!
    Kisses, Zondra Art

  7. Yummmmy, yummy whites....thanks for sharing them.

    Warm blessings,

  8. I DO love white everywhere!! And the green is the perfect accompaniment---especially the outdoor greens.

    Is that an old smoking stand? I seem to remember a tanny-gold version, with two big heavy amber ashtrays, and a cup of cigarettes in one side and a lighter in the other. What a charming way to display it!

    Calm and repose---so very apt and soothing for this bustly, fast-paced season. I plan to slow down and just ENJOY amongst the white and green.

  9. I happen to agree with you on the white and green being perfect! Love your post!

  10. O yeah! I love these white's. So pretty.
    And calming too.


  11. Love your table in the field, great shot!

  12. What Beautiful White Treasures ~ I also love the soft tones of green, work as a neutral sometimes.... such a pretty post! *<<<-

  13. Lovely photos. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  14. I love the little white yard conservatory.

  15. Everything is lovely but I can certainly see why the yard conservatory is your's gorgeous!!!

  16. Great photos! The white and green is beautiful together. You have some lovely items for your yard.

  17. Beautiful post...your home is lovely!

  18. I agree, you can't go wrong with white, it's all beautiful, Char

  19. I was hoping that as I reading the first words in your post that you were going to say "white and soft green"....and you did! I totally agree with you! The combination is soft, comforting, and serene! :) Lovely photos! Happy WW to you!

    xoxo laurie

  20. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. My entire house is decorating in green & white. They are my very favorites and make me feel like I am outdoors in the garden all the time.

  21. The combination of white and green is really catchy and innovative. I like most one thing that You have utilized unused space very well. Good job.

  22. Whites! I love them. I want more white in my home but it's taking to paint or not to paint. To PAINT is the answer! :)
    Merry Christmas!


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