Monday, December 20, 2010

As Quickly as the Turning of the Leaves

"As quickly as the turning of the leaves in fall...
so my little boy became a man."
~Author Unknown~

I remember, as though it were yesterday, standing over you as
you peacefully slept in your hospital cradle.  I contemplated nervously—but joyously—
what would be required of me as a new mom.

Even before you were ever born, I loved you.
But once you were here, I knew I would be willing to die for you.

To me, you were the most precious child that had ever been born.

And I watched, with utter delight, as you excitedly explored the
 newness of the world around you in those early years.

Every holiday—like Christmas and Easter—

became an occasion of even greater joy,
as I experienced them anew...
through your wide-eyed innocence.

From your earliest years, you loved fantasy and make believe.  And you totally
captivated me with your vivid imagination.

My sewing machine got quite the workout for a few years—
making all those fun costumes to
fuel your creativity.

Then, before I knew it, you were of school age.

You had such a zeal for learning, and I was frequently amazed
at how quickly you grasped concepts that were well beyond your years.

I really loved all the fun things we did while homeschooling

The special bond that developed between us—
as a result of all the time spent together—
is something I will always treasure.

From my viewpoint, those years passed all too quickly!

I sometimes wonder who learned more
you from me...

or me from you.

You've always been such a caring, loving, and protective
big brother to your sister.  And to this day, you continue to be
one of her biggest heroes.

During all those years you played sports,
you know I was your biggest fan!

Did I ever embarrass you, Son—belting out my enthusiasm for you...
 from the stands?   ; )

Were you aware that there were many times my enthusiasm turned to
apprehension, as I watched some of your daredevilish feats?

I suppose you'll never outgrow your love of extreme sports. 

Good thing I'm a praying mamma, huh?!   ; )

Though you are much like me—serious-minded—
you are no stranger to fun.

Over the years, your quick wit and humorous antics have brought much
laughter and lightheartedness to our family.

And we have been blessed by your talents more than you realize.

As I reflect on this day—the 27th year since your birth—I am
blessed beyond words that the Lord saw fit to make
YOU my son!

I am proud of you, Joshua, and love you more than you will ever know.

Happy 27th Birthday, Baby!


  1. I loved reading guy was 40 on the 15th!!

  2. What a lovely way to say Happy Birthday.

  3. Liz...crying while I read this because I already feel the years have passed by too quickly and my little ones are only 9, 7, and seems like yesterday that I was rocking them to sleep and holding them tight. I so enjoyed this...the heart of a mom for her children. Merry Christmas to you! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  4. Only a Mum would say this! Happy birthday Joshua!

  5. So cute. My boys are 10 and 6 right now, but I can't help but think it won't be long before I'm looking back wondering how they grew up so fast.
    Just wanted to thank you for recently featuring several of our projects. I'm publishing a quick shout-out for Brambleberry Cottage as well.

  6. What a hansome well rounded son you have :0) You must be so proud!

  7. What a great post. He was just a cute baby! Time goes by much too fast. Happy Birthday to your handsome son!

  8. So sweet. This made me cry. My "little" boy is only 9, but he's getting so grown-up already, it makes me sad. I can't even imagine him being a big, grown, handsome man.

  9. Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria


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