Friday, February 5, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 5 - Seeing Red

Even more so than pink, the color red rules the month of February. Do you see that blazing beauty around your nest every day, or is it merely an occasional visitor for special events like Feb. 14th?

I tend to feather my nest with subdued, earthy colors. That just happens to be the common ground on which the Yankee and I stand unified.

I'm sure by now you must think I live a
very deprived, monochromatic life! Well, we'll just have to discuss that on another day. is all about red!

You've already seen my wonderful, vintage red goblets in the tablescape here.

And I do have a gorgeous down-filled parka that the Yankee bought for me years ago. But, I won't bore you with that. So…outside of the handful of red pens and markers in my desk drawer, oh, and the lovely red cardinals who frequently visit my feeders, the red around this cottage is well...lacking!

Despair not all ye lovers of red! I knew right where to go for you to get your fix.

No, I'm not color blind. The color of the outside of her cottage just happens to be my guest blogger's second favorite color. Who am I talking about ? None other than Ms. Kim of Daisy Cottage!

Prepare yourself for a feast of red that should keep your color palette satisfied for some time to come. And if the pictures I'm showing you from around Kim's cottage don't do it…visiting her here will!

Some of us are totally content with a token of red here or there.

Like the cherry on this adorable crocheted cupcake at Kim's cottage,

the lovely flowers on the handkerchief she found at a yard sale, or

the fun rickrack ribbon on her memo board.

Then…there are others who require a bit more than just a nod to red to gratify their tastes.

the bold red in the flowers on Kim's table, or...

the gorgeous red plates and the flower stems she used as napkin rings.

This red cushion on Kim's rocker offers a nice contrast to the bright yellow wall.

And all but the most color-phobic person could fall in love with her cute crewel pillow and polka dot napkin!

Perhaps the doses of red you prefer are relegated to the outdoors and are found on whimsical items like Kim's birdhouse and bird, or…

her front door and outdoor furnishings.

But our dear Ms. Kim uses red with total abandon–inside and outside her cottage.

Like here…

on her kitchen table, or…

here on her vintage buffet. And, I thought I was being bold by painting my buffet blue!

And, Kim hasn't stopped with just small splashes of red. She has painted the town red. Ok…so maybe just some of the rooms of her cottage.

For instance,

her red-walled office…with all its cute red accessories...

and her dining nook.

And who would have thought of painting a bathroom red?! Our bold Ms. Kim, of course! It's gorgeous–don't you think?!

Now, if that doesn't motivate you to stroll right on over to Kim's lovely cottage, I don't know what will!

I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Wow! Today's addition to this week's giveaway would look terrific anywhere in Kim's cottage. Don't you agree!  But then, it might look just as wonderful in your nest. 

Oops!!! You'll just have
to come back tomorrow to see!

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  1. I totally forgot about my red door that I go in and out of everyday so I can feed my dog and cats!! It's too dark to take pictures now, but it is a BRIGHT RED! And I've got the paint for the other door when the weather warms up. That may be June the way it's been here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally enjoyed the tour of Kim's red home. What stands out most to me the the red cushion on the rocking chair. I also tend to decorated in earth tones-but I do like shots of bright color.
    I'm really enjoying this party.

  3. And as I scrolled down to put my link in before reading, I thought all that red was your red. I love it and the yellow. Some awesome home ideas going on there and I've always loved houses like hers with the porch like that. Looking forward to seeing what's in the giveaway and who gets it. Some cool things in it so far! :) Jenn

  4. Oh how I would love to take part in this 14 day Valentine event. RED. My favorite all time color. I am going to try and jump in before it's all over.

  5. I love Kim's Daisy Cottage. She has been a favorite of mine way before I began blogging.
    This has been fun. Thank you for hosting the party!

  6. Love Kim's cottage. My favorite is her little red chair at the desk. Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting the party!

  7. This "Yankee" loves all of your photos! Very inspiring and those crochet cupcakes are adorable! =)

  8. Liz, I keep running into you over at SITS! Did you know I have alos been doing fourteen days of Valentines at ddna, culminating with a dreamy giveaway?? Stop by!

  9. Ok.. I'm caught up on the set schedule, and while I can't do EVERY day, I would LOVE to partipate in as many as I can, so thank you for hosting this event. I do enjoy yours and everyone else's posts nevertheless! LOVE Kim's cottage! I have never had a lot of red in my home, but now that I've moved to a new one recently, I decided I wanted more of this color in my living room, and gradually am trying to set it up that way! I was most intrigued with her bulletin board and her little crochet cupcake! I liked the little birds she had scattered about, and I ALWAYS LOVE polka dots and ginghams!! I enjoyed the tour through her home! Thank you! ~tina

  10. OOPS, I thought I left a message here last night.?? Maybe not...
    ANYway..great post..and thanks for hosting.
    xo bj

  11. Oh I love Kim's cottage. I often looked at the picture of her house and knew she must love color. Now I know for sure. This is just such a fun little party that you are having. Thanks!

  12. I have always loved Kim's cottage because it is so cheerful!

  13. I have some red Fostoria glassware that i would like to sell. If interested, email me

  14. Oh how happy I am to have found you. - Thanks to Ms. Kim at Daisy Cottage. How I love her too!!


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