Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 14 - Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Happy Valentine's Day!

There may be one or a hundred and one loves in your life. But this day, Valentine's Day, should be dedicated to that special someone who can make your heart sing!

I'm a person who loves easily. By that I mean, caring for and about people seems to come naturally for me. 

And those I love, I love deeply.

I am blessed with two wonderful parents, four very special sisters and their husbands and children, two terrific children of my own, and one super, incredibly cute granddaughter…all of whom I love dearly!

 But the person who can make my heart sing with the greatest passion is my Yankee sweetheart!

Yet, you've most likely realized, from my previous posts, that he and I are two distinctly different personalities, with unique and sometimes ofttimes opposing takes on life.

In many ways, we are the clichéd "odd couple."

image source:
No…not that odd couple.

We actually more closely resemble the couples portrayed in these magazine ads.

Over the years, the Yankee has summed up who we are as a couple with some very familiar metaphors, and I'll just let you guess whose who in these images.  ; )

Leather & Lace

Fire & Ice

image source:
Oil & Water

image source:
OK, so you get the idea.

In essence, what I'm attempting to communicate to you is how different the Yankee and I are. Yet, even with all our differences, it works. 

Or should I say we work at it?!

Any relationship takes effort, but a relationship such as ours takes even greater effort...

and commitment. 

That's what we have...a lifetime commitment.

Though there are at times points of disagreement between us, there is one thing the Yankee and I totally agree upon.

There is no one either of us would want to share our lives with more than one another! 

Our love truly is a many-splendored thing!

Now for today's final addition to this week's giveaway—and the finale for the Fourteen Days of Love—this sweet little frame. 

There couldn't be a prettier way to decorate your home than with a photo of that special loved one tucked inside!

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  1. I guess the saying is true that opposites do attract. My hubby and I are opposites as well. It was nice of you to mention in your post all the other people in your family whom are special in your life as well. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I found your blog.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your photographic portrayal of your differences and your descriptions. Opposites or not it still takes committment ... for each other and all the loved ones that surround us. How true how true! Thanks for hosting & posting! Jenn

  3. I hope my last comment came through ... but just in case I have enjoyed the 14 Days of Love!
    Blessings & Hugs

  4. It is such a shame that this is the last day, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. I missed this delicious post...I was staying with grands for 3 days and seldom got near a computer.
    ANYway...this is a precious post and your Yankee is a handsome dude!!
    hugs, bj


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