Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 3 - Pretty in Pink

We all know how popular this color is during the month of February,
but individual tastes determine whether it prevails in a home's décor all year long.

As I survey the cottage, I'm hard pressed to find much pink anywhere! My Yankee, being the man's man that he is, believes pink should be reserved for...little girls, flowers, and bubblegum.

Over the years, any cravings I've had for pink have been satisfied vicariously through my antiques and collectibles businesses.

I find something I really like, bring it home, display it for as long as the Yankee can tolerate it, and then–when he can stand it no more–I sell it.

For example…

When I bought this creamer and sugar pair, I thought I would be adding them to my personal collection.

I liked the way they looked perched atop my vintage pink cake stand–when entertaining friends over coffee.

And isn't this antique porcelain basket, with delicate pink roses, adorable?

Well…the stay here at the cottage for each of them was short lived!

This early 1900s lithograph–with its lovely Victorian lady and luscious pink roses–was totally captivating. Even the ravages of time had not detracted from her beauty.

But, I'm sorry to say…she has taken up
residence with someone else!

I did manage to keep these vintage dishcloths for awhile. Their cottagey-pink cuteness made me smile, each time I used them.

I had this Bavarian creamer and beautiful vintage plate for some time.

I thought of them as sweet, feminine additions to my china cabinet. I liked the way they introduced little splashes of color to
my white ironstone pieces.

They have since gone the way of eBay!

Remember this cute shabby table from my front porch? Gone!
But on the bright side…now I have a reason to redecorate my porch when the weather gets a little warmer! ; )

I do still have this pretty pink dish–with its romantic rococo scene. I like the way it teasingly peeks out of this vintage ironstone gravy boat displayed in my cabinet.

And I did get away with using a good deal of pink in my outdoor Valentine's tablescape. Remember seeing that serene setting here?
So, I suppose, until my beautiful cottage flowers start blooming in the spring, that pretty much sums up "pink" at the Brambleberry Cottage.
I can't wait for spring!

Then, I'll be able to sway gently in my hammock, admiring the gorgeous pink blossoms of my ornamental flowering cherry tree and dream of the delicate pink blooms of the impatiens I will once again plant.

Because, other than my flower garden,
there's only one place where the Yankee and I can always agree on pink…

on our precious granddaughter, Lana. She's always "pretty in pink"!

Now it's your turn to share your pink pretties–for decorating, crafting, collecting, gardening–or just something pink that warms your heart!

"Pretty in Pink" is a perfect post for Beverly's Pink Saturday Party at How Sweet the Sound.  Let's go visit.  Shall we?

When I was in Marshalls snapping up all those pictures
for the post here, this lovely bejeweled notepad caught my eye. I thought it would be terrific for Pretty in Pink day, as an addition to the giveaway this week.

Reminder:  Please be sure to publish your
Valentine's post, before you link to the party. And
don't forget to mention the Brambleberry Cottage
in your post.

Remember to leave a comment to be entered in this
week's drawing for the giveaway!

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  1. Ebay sure did get a lot of beautiful items. It would be so hard to release those lovely pieces. Summer will be here before you know it and you can enjoy lots of beautiful pinks!!!

    Wonderful post.
    tin and sparkle

  2. That last pic steals the show! The only thing prettier than pink are those beautiful baby blue eyes she has. Just adorable!

  3. I think it's neat that you can have those things for a while and then let them go. That's hard to do. Having a place to 'let them go to', like ebay, etc., is a great advantage. And, if 'you' 'can' 'let them go' - well, it seems to work just fine! Makes for some challenges and fun, huh? I love the flowers and the elegance ... and I love that old porch table! I'm ready for spring too!

  4. Yay for pink lol! Thankx for the comment

  5. Just saw you're following me - thanks! Jenn

  6. I love your style. Thank you for the comment.I'll be following you.
    Happy SITS day!

  7. Your granddaughter is precious with those georgous eyes! I also love the cake stand in those first few pictures.

  8. Liz,
    Love all the pink dishes with the flowers and the cake stand is gorgeous. My husband is not a pink person either so I have a room just for victorian pretties that he doesn't have to look at. Those dishclothes are wonderful!

  9. I can't say that I want pink things in my house, but looks like your eye for the beautiful and elegant is working well for you!

  10. Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your blog and photos are beautiful. I'm going to sign up as a follower then I'm off to check out your eBay store. ♥

  11. Well, I guess I am too early for your new Pink Saturday post, huh? Anyway, happy Pink Saturday! :)

    -- Birgit

  12. love everything in your post today!!
    I got an Engineer here who ixnays some of my fav things too.

  13. Oh, and I just noticed you are a North Carolina chickie...hubby's parents are on a farm in Jackson, N.C. outside of Raleigh.

    Look forward to seeing you again.

  14. Welcome and happy Pink saturday. What a beautiful pink post you have.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Riet, The Netherlands

  15. Good morning,
    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday! I don't know whether you meant this post for Pink Saturday or not, but it is pink and it is beautiful! Your little Lana is adorable! I enjoyed your pinks very much. Have a beautiful weekend.


  16. Well, you had some very wonderful pinks. My DH doesn't say anything about my pinks because most of my house is in log cabin and green, so when I put in a pink he just says, "if it makes you happy, that is fine". A girl has got to have a bit of pink, and just maybe that beautiful grand daughter will change Papa's mind. Welcome to PS. Great post.

    Happy PS
    Gail - Decorating My Tin Shack

  17. How could you bear to part with all those lovelies? And what does Mr Yankee collect that you don't like? Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  18. Hey! I posted on the pink fabric you sent. Happy Pink Saturday! and Welcome! Yep, your pinks are perfect for a pink sat post! Thanks for sending me the link to the state flag/photo I asked about. Have you thought about...well, I'll write you an email for that. THanks, Jenn <><

  19. Welcome to Pink Saturday! You have such a wonderful display of pinkness! My favorite is your outdoor tablescape. Thank you for sharing all of the lovely treasures! Terri

  20. Welcome to Pink Saturday and thanks for sharing all these delights. I didn't have a post for Pink Saturday today, but I do have a delicious soufflé to offer with my edible book review on Josephine Bonaparte. Hope you'll stop by for a visit.

  21. Thank you for sharing and welcome to Pink Saturday! Marcia

  22. Very pretty pinks - Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Hi there and Welcome to Pink Saturday,

    Oh did I ever enjoy your Pink Saturday Post..... I can't believe you have gave away all those beautiful finds. I adore everything you have and I really wanted that Rosey vintage dishcloth.... wow your stuff is great!

    The last thing you pictured before I realize what you were doing with it, I immediately said I Want That.... am I glad I have a chance to win such a nice giveaway.

    How precious your little granddaughter Lana is... soooo Cute.

    I'm going to have a busy day just checking out your Ebay store and your wonderful blog.... I'm now a follower too! Yeah I found YOu-

    Enjoy your Day and Happy Pinks*

  24. Love the dish towels and pink china a flowers. Happy Pink Saturday~

  25. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Liz. I am glad you decided to participate.

    I love all of the pretty pinks in your post, and your sweet granddaughter is the prettiest of all.


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