Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 2 - On Angels' Wings

Cherubs, angels, putti, and Cupid have all become familiar iconic figures of this particular holiday. But…they have also become quite popular in everyday decorating as well.

When my children were young, I decorated for most holidays. As they got older, the primary Valentine adornments of our home were the ones they had created over the years. In their teens, they lost interest in such things, so I reserved seasonal embellishments for main holidays only.

 Though I do not decorate for Valentine's Day, I do use cherubs and angels around the cottage–both inside and out–to add a bit of quaint charm to my décor.

I've had this sweet little Lefton's China piece for a number of years. I found it on one of my many thrifting jaunts and fell in love with the simple elegance of it.

The playful cherubs encircled by flowers and curlicues are delightfully sweet–yet sophisticated enough to suit my tastes.

And, the fleur-de-lis-like applied handles are the crowning touch!

This piece has had many resting spots in my home over the years and many varied uses as well. It has held dried roses, live plants, potpourri, and even candles.

With all its versatility, it will continue to be a part of my décor for many years to come.

I found this wonderful cherub at an antique show some time ago and felt that he would be the perfect compliment to the vintage girandole you see behind him. The cherub and the girandole echoed
the original ornamental hardware of this vintage Drexel piece.

When we found the nightstand
 it was in less than ideal condition, so I asked the Yankee to paint it pink for me.

Alas, the pink was a bit more than he could handle, so I ended up selling it and the cherub in my eBay store.

When I found the vintage statue, pictured below, at an outdoor flea market, it was a most unpleasant shade of gold. I loved the cherub's pose and delicate features and could just envision the many wonderful items that could be displayed in the urn at the top.

So…I purchased it–knowing paint could cure all its ills.

If you've been following along, you know that I am forever challenged to blend the Yankee's rustic décor preferences with my more refined, feminine tastes. With that in mind, rather than use soft pastels with this sweet cherub, I used more earthy tones and even brought a rusty urn filled with antique doorknobs into the mix to combine our styles.

But, as I would pass by that vignette–atop the bedroom bureau–day after day, I imagined all the feminine elements I secretly wanted to bring into play. So, I did a bit of rearranging! What do you think?

 Did you happen to notice the cherub pair in the background of the
photo above? It was the main section of a lamp when I discovered it.

I loved that portion of the piece–even the color–but chose to set aside the other lamp components for future projects. When I took it apart, it looked unfinished. The vintage lamp finial–which the Yankee had on hand–was just what I needed to complete the look.

That one little decorative lamp piece has been displayed in a number of different vignettes around the cottage.
Like here...

and here...

and there.

Whenever I decide to change the look of my home, I usually just move things around...

or take them apart and use them in a new way. ; )

This sweet-faced angel lives year-round in my flower garden. When she tires of her location, there is always another alluring setting just awaiting her arrival!

And finally…
there's this little guy.

I'm usually drawn to statuary displaying sweet, innocent expressions. But, the mischievous grin on this one's face made me smile. He reminds me that we shouldn't take life too seriously!

The treasure to be added today, to this week's giveaway, is this sweet little vintage cherub dish–discovered at an estate sale.  It would look so romantic filled with heart soaps, rose petals or whatever 
 strikes your fancy!

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  1. Liz, Your angels and cherubs are all so beautiful! As I posted mine I realized I had sooo many around my house. I know I purchased some last week at Hobby Lobby to go in my side yard that are still bagged up waiting for spring.
    This has been fun ... thanks for hosting.

  2. Hey! I'm enjoying your party. Again, love your post. The baubles definitely changed the atmosphere on your cherub. Boy, do I like that rusty bowl of doorknobs! 'Specially the glass ones. On my blog, look for the label "My Mama's Post" it's about glass door knobs in the house she and then my cousin grew up in. Thanks, again!

  3. Loved finding your blog and will be back often...this was a great post

  4. Thanks for being our hostess. It's a delight visiting the other participants.

  5. Angels are my fav, and I do use them around my house, they are so cute!!

  6. Sweet cherubs but my favorite part of the post was the rusty urn with the doorknobs! That was lovely :)


  7. Those vintage Valentines are darling. Love the cherub too!
    Blessings - Beth


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