Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love

I'm having a party at the Brambleberry Cottage–my very first blogger's bash!
And…you're all invited!

Beginning Feb. 1st –14th, I will be hosting a two-week-long party in celebration of love and the holiday dedicated to it–Valentine's Day!

On each of those fourteen days, I will be publishing a post having something to do with love in general or Valentine's Day specifically.

To join in on the fun, you will need to link a similar post from your blog to mine.
But…there’s a catch. Your post must fit the topic of the day you choose to link to. It can be an older post that you recently republished, as long as it fits the specific topic category of that day.

Up for a challenge? Link a post to each of the fourteen days. But, each day you link to must involve a different, unique post from you.

to add to the festivities, there will be a wonderful giveaway for this special event (details in an upcoming post)!

If you would like to join the party, here is all you need to do:

  • Copy and paste the Fourteen Days of Love button below to your sidebar, so others know you will be participating in the event. 

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the button image to display with the code.

So...a dear fellow blogger, BJ, suggested to add it this way:
Save my button image to your computer, then under
LayoutAdd a gadget,
click on the Picture gadget. Browse your computer for my image to upload it, and then
in the Link area, copy and paste 

In the title, copy and paste
and in the caption Grab the Button–Share the Fun! save it, and when it uploads, you should be able to click on it to send you back to the Valentine's Party instructions.                             

  • Create your post for that day's topic. Please mention the Brambleberry Cottage in your post and provide a link back here to the host blog.
  • Mr. Linky will be set up shortly after I've published the day's post–which will vary daily–by 9pm.
  • Please be sure to use the Permalink to your specific post, rather than your general blog address. (That is the direct link to the exact post you will be linking for that day's topic of the Fourteen Days of Love.) Your Permalink takes your visitors right to your target post.
Here's how you get your Permalink:

Right click on your title for the specific post you are linking from, click on "copy shortcut" and paste that direct link into the field of Mr. Linky that asks for Your URL.

Please be sure that you have published the post before linking back to the party here.
Here are the 

Fourteen Days of Love
Day 1   
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
You demonstrate your love every day to the special people in your life. So how do you make this day–February 14th–stand out in comparison to the other 364?

Day 2
Cherubs, angels, Cupid–all familiar iconic figures of this particular holiday. Show us how you use them in your holiday–or everyday–decorating.

Day 3
We all know how popular this color is during the month of February, but, does it prevail in your home's décor all year long? Share your pink pretties–for decorating, crafting, colecting, gardening–or just share something pink that warms your heart!

Day 4
Straight to the Heart
What is Valentine's without hearts? Come on–give us your heart(s)!

Day 5
Seeing Red
Even more so than pink, this color rules the month and especially this particular day. On Feb. 14th, where will we be seeing red around your place?

Day 6
Oh…You're so Crafty!
There is no shortage of creativity out in the Blogosphere–so give us a glimpse of those special crafts dedicated to L-O-V-E!

Day 7
Kid Central–Crafts, Projects, and Games
Need some ideas to draw from to make this holiday special for your kids or have some ideas you would like to share? Here's your chance.

Day 8
Must Love Pets!
There is no question that they are a very special part of our families. Share your cutest, sweetest, most endearing, or entertaining pictures and stories of your pets.

Day 9
Sweets for the Sweet
If ever there was a holiday directed at those particular taste buds, this one's it! Share your favorite sweet recipe(s)–cookies, cakes, candy, beverages–ones that will satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. (Step by step photos are great, but a simple text-only recipe is fine.)

Day 10
Flower Power
Who doesn't love flowers? Do you have an idea for that special floral gift or perhaps the perfect centerpiece for our Valentine's Day tablescapes?

The Perfect Gift
What would the ideal Valentine's gift be–if you were the recipient? Be specific! You never know if that special someone might read your post.  ; )

Day 12
Romancing the Palate 
Do you have a favorite place to dine for special occasions–or the menu for a romantic banquet to serve at home?  What makes it romantic? 

Day 13 
Plan Your Escape  
We all dream of escaping to some sweet retreat.  What is the most romantic getaway you've ever been on–or dreamed of? 

Day 14 
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing 
Who is the love of your life?  Who makes your heart sing?  Make this post a tribute to the love, or loves, of your life.  

Now...let's get this party started !  ; )

A special thank you to Karen–The Graphics Fairyfor all her beautiful vintage Valentine's images.



  1. WELL !! I'm telling you, when you throw a party, YOU THROW A PARTY!! WOO fun this is going to be and what a splendid idea.
    We will all have so much fun.
    I will take your button over to live on my sidebar from now until after the 14th.
    when you "get a gadget" for your photo, you will see a place above it for a link. Just add your link there and then when the photo is clicked, it will take you to wherever you linked to. Simple..any trouble, let me know.
    xo bj

  2. Yep! I might not be from Texas, but I know how to do it up big!!! LOL

  3. Wow. I'm here by way of BJ/Sweet Nothings (I see her in the first comment). I'm SOOOOOOO ... glad I came by. Oh I love your, how did you say it rusty crusty flaking paint ... stuff. I have 2 pieces intentionally flaked. One forced and the other 'as is'. I'm coming back - thnking about the I have a phone call have to run. Stop by my blog - see ya next time

  4. Just stopping in to say that I've had such fun this whole week, getting my LOVE posts all ready..I still need a couple more and then...I'm DONE! Thanks for doing this...will be a busy week.
    xo bj

  5. This sounds like such a fun party!!! I found you thru Cindy's blog and am sooo glad I did. I've become a follower so I'm sure I'll be stalking you often! Come visit me when you get a chance!

    Angelic Accents

  6. Thanks for inviting me to the party. I'll see if I can come up with a post for one of the days.

  7. This looks like great fun!
    BJ did a great job of explaining how to get us set up with the link on our blog.

    I'm all set, just need to figure out where to post.


    barbara jean

  8. I visited but didn't join in...I just wanted to thank bj for the hint on how to post the button for the party! Thanks bj!

    Great Valentines Day idea! I discovered it WAY too late. Enjoy! :)

  9. What a beautiful site
    Thank you so much


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