Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little Makeover Magic

When we found this old 1930s buffet in a nearby barn, it was in desperate
need of some TLC.  As I mentioned in the previous post, most people
would have taken one look at the piece, given it its last rights
and put it to rest. 

But, here at the cottage, we're always up for a good challenge! 

We knew it was from the 30s, not just from the overall style, but
because we found this receipt stuck (basically glued) to the inside of the
 piece with caked on grime. 

I was delighted that we could salvage as much of it as we did.

We started the whole transformation process with a thorough
 cleaning—usually one of my jobs.  It's amazing the difference it makes just removing
years of layered on dirt from something! 

Then the Yankee assessed what repairs were necessary
to ensure structural integrity.

As is so often the case, he and I spent a few weeks tossing ideas to and fro,
trying to come up with a design that would enhance the best features of this
tired old guy, while still maintaining his vintage character.

Then, one lovely spring day,
as I was admiring the beautiful blossoms on our
flowering cherry tree…

the Yankee called me out to his workshop, to show me what he had been
working on and to get my input—not that he needs it. He is
quite creative all on his own!

Now mind you, when he called me to his shop, this piece had not yet undergone
its magical transformation.  It still looked exactly the way
 it did when we found it—only about ten pounds lighter
with all the dirt and grime removed.

He was just eager to show me the design he had conjured up for the
back of the piece.  He held up a blank piece of wood—without paint or appliqué—
with only the cut out design for the back you see detailed in this photo.

Take a good look at the flowing curves of it!  It was at
 that very moment, the piece officially became female. 

Look at the first image again, and compare it to the one just above.  Notice how plain
the back was originally.  The overall form of the piece was dull and
blocky—definitely a guy!  But, that one new design element
was the stimulus to change everything!

Right away, I knew what she had to be!  With the curvy legs and now a
curvy top to match…she had to be French.  I suggested that we paint her a lovely
shade of French blue. 

That's usually another one of my designated assignments for our projects—
choosing the color and finish.

We both felt that a light distressing, here and there, would be a wonderful
addition.  I wanted to play up her little imperfections–—the small pieces of missing veneer,
 the tiny chips out of the wood.  To me, little nicks, here and there,
 add character to vintage items! 

With all those enhancements, she was destined to be
 aged to perfection!

Then we started playing around with appliqués.  The Yankee pulled several
large and a number of small ones from the stash.  We began putting them together,
like pieces to a puzzle, to create
various unique patterns.

You would have thought we were a pair of toddlers, the way we were swiping
each other's pieces to use in our own creations.
It was really quite fun!

We thought it might be a good idea to cut a couple of the larger
appliqués apart to create some new designs.  As it turned out, that was exactly what we
 needed to get the look we were trying to achieve.

The photo above, and the one here below, shows the end result of cutting a few
 appliqués apart and reconnecting them.

Once all the basic design elements had been chosen, it was time
 for the Yankee to work his magic.

Occasionally, I would venture out to the shop to check the progress.  On one
such visit, the Yankee excitedly shared an idea he had come up with
for the buffet.

I'll give you a little peek. Can you guess what his idea was?

This lovely old buffet-turned-wine-cabinet is just one
example of how you can use a vintage item
 in a modern way.


Don't you just love the graceful curves of the decorative touches
she was given? She radiates such sweet cottage charm now...
but with a French flair.

We think she turned out magnifique!
What do you think?
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  1. Sooooooo pretty - I adore it !

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  6. This really turned out sweet!
    Very cute.
    Glad I got to see your treasure,
    d from homehaven

  7. You and the Yankee make a good team; what a good job! Happy Blue Monday.

  8. Hi.....I think it turned out great. I love it.

    Happy Blue Monday.

    Barb ♥

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    Happy Monday, again. :-)

    Barb ♥

    Chic, shabby and blue, just the way I like it. Enjoy.
    Happy Blue Monday and he's a keeper, your Yankee lol
    Love Claudie

  12. Oh this piece is just exquisite. The appliques really added that extra punch to the piece. The french blue is a very good choice with the little distressing.

    Thanks for sharing!

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