Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby…it's cold outside!!! maybe it isn't snowing here at present. In fact, there's not a single
frosty flake upon the ground,
nor even in the forecast.

But, I really wish there were...
then perhaps I could justify this bone-numbing cold!!!

With night temperatures in the teens and daytime highs
barely above freezing, all I want to do is cozy up in front
of the woodstove with a cup of hot tea and a good
decorating magazine!

I'm definitely not a lover of cold weather. Nope...never have been
...never will be!

For years, my family has poked fun at the fact that I seem to
always be cold.

Photo by Adam Jones,
I've forewarned them

One day, I will most likely be one of those little old ladies...
all bundled up in the middle of summer.

Yep!  I think bears have a good thing goin' on...
being able to hibernate in the winter!   ; )

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