Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talented Time Travelers in Focus #30

But let's also take some time to take a peek at some of the talent linked to last week's party.

Sherrie @ A Vintage Affaire—in good company with most us around the country—is eagerly anticipating spring.

To set her sights on warmer days ahead, she created this sweet, cheery mantelscape from vintage finds.

I love this utterly romantic vignette created by Nicki @ The Vintage Farmhouse.

The old petticoat-turned-table topper is definitely the belle of the ball. 

Tara Lauren @ Lauren Lane Décor found these old pieces and decided they needed an update.

They look sooo much better with their new paint job.
And have you ever seen such unique handles before?

Are you familiar with the title "Grapes of Wrath"?

Well, Sarah Marie of Braids and Brown Boots created some grapes of wrap—as in, around a headband.

Now that's a new take on an old title.  ; )

We should all send Pottery Barn thank you notes for sharing their fabulous decorating ideas with us!

Keeping Life Fun With One Craft At A Time borrowed a PB concept to create a new-once-old side table—a super fun idea!

Most of us have a unique piece or two that we imagine ourselves never parting with.

Maybe it's because the styling of the piece is so classic it will fit in any décor.

Or maybe we're just determined to make it work, regardless of how our style changes over time, because we like it so much.

This gorgeous desk is just such a piece for StaceyA Sort of Fairytale.

I agree; it's definitely a keeper, Stacey!!!

Sweet Valentine's vignettes are springing up everywhere you look around the blogosphere.

Cindy @ Custom Comforts used a cute sampler she made in the 80s, mixed in a few other pieces she had on hand, and then sprinkled in a few candy hearts to create this charming tablescape.

Want some cute ideas for a spring bridal shower?

Visit Tracie @ Fishtail Cottage to see her lovely displays.

You'll also get to see her beautiful cottage garden when you visit.

You know how sometimes certain things just speak to you—your style, your likes, your romantic side?

Well, that happened to me when I visited Debra @ Common Ground, and saw her porch decorated for Valentine's Day.

I loved everything about it!

And the beautiful images from that post provided her with the perfect elements for a gorgeous blog banner.

Julie @ LEGACY OF LOVE ARTISTIC CRAFTS is dedicating her blog to her parents, for the whole month of February—the month of love.

And so she should! 

They've been married sixty-four years!!!

How much would you be willing to pay for a beautiful vintage chandelier—with all its sparkling crystals intact?

 If I told you how much the Country Cottage Girl @ Vintage Cottage paid for this beauty, I might just have to pick you up off the floor—having fainted from sticker shock.  ; )

So I think it best that you go visit her to get the full scoop.

Well that wraps up another week of great ideas.

So, let us see what you've been up to this week?


  1. That is my first feature! Thanks so much for sharing my awesome find! I am so excited! YOU are AWESOME!

  2. I wish you a pleasant weekend and a happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me! Everyone had such beautiful things!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  4. Hi Liz,
    I love this post--and I can't believe the bargain's astounding and so gorgeous!!!

  5. This was so cute love your taste!

  6. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you. Good job! You guys do a great blog, and have some great contents. Keep up the good work.

  7. Can't wait to check out all those great posts.
    Thanks for the share!
    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day

  8. I always enjoy your comments and your visits! I love the chandelier and the cute stepladder side table! Have a great day!!


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