Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Travel Thursday #30 - Longing For Days Gone By

Welcome to the 30th Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage.

Are you ready for our next trip back in time and into the future?

Great!  Climb aboard.

Of the four seasons of the year, winter is my least favorite.

Besides the fact that I thoroughly dislike the cold temperatures, I find the bleak, barren landscape somewhat gloomy.

Everything just seems so...lifeless.

Perhaps that's one of the reasons I love to see it snow around here.

I know the surroundings will come alive with a thorough dusting of the powdery white stuff.

By this time each year, I find myself longing for the days—yet to come—when the pines...

and the daffodils begin to herald the call that brighter, warmer days are just ahead.

Though in reality it was only months ago, it seems an eternity since the vibrant colors of my summer blooms filled this place with energy and life.

I miss the proud display of the vivid pinks on my crape mrytles...

the sweet bubblegum pinks of the impatiens...

and the soft wispy pinks of the ornamental pom-poms on the mimosa trees.

How I long to sit in my front porch rocker and take in the heavenly scent of the gardenias...

and admire—once again—the abundance of Queen Anne's lace growing freely in the fields around the barns.

Their lacy heads remind me of the delicate snowflakes that make winter somewhat tolerable for me.

But, by far, the real showstoppers around my cottage and barns in the summertime are the gorgeous daylilies...

and the richly colored clematis.

So until I catch a glimpse of those first signs of life returning to these parts, I guess I'll have to be content with looking at these pretty remembrances of days gone by.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and great timing -- it's freezing here and I'm miserable!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! And the hope of spring is always welcome, isn't it? I hope you're having a good week and lots of time for crafting with the weather being so cold outside...I'm in New Orleans. Last week it was 70 and today we had hail!

  3. I love snow and winter has it's own beauty, but I am so ready for the transition to spring! Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Very warming thoughts!! I am so ready for summer and green grass!

  5. You write so perfectly spoken! The flowers are beautiful! I am watching the cherry blossoms...usually one of our first signs of spring...I can't wait and usually anticipate it's appearance the day after Christmas!!! Take care my friend!! Christie

  6. Beautiful photos! Spring can't get here soon enough for me!

  7. I'm ready for winter to be over, and it's just gearing up, here! 12" of snow over the last 2 days, on top of the couple of feet we already had on the ground! :-O

  8. Lovely photos. I have some of those same daylilies.

  9. I am here to link up and make friends with creative peeps. I'm following this lovely blog too. I'd also like to offer an invite to all creative peeps here to my Weekend Creative Blog Hop over at friday to sunday every week. It new and needs a little nurturing. ;)

    Shah .X

  10. Beautiful pictures!

  11. Wow, your pictures are gorgeous! I recognize a lot of those pretty plants and flowers and just love the pretty lilies.

    Best wishes,

  12. So beautiful photos, I love winter and flowers:-)
    Dear Liz, thanks for hosting.
    Have a wonderful day, hugs Biljana

  13. Thank you for reminding me that my garden is waiting for me underneath ALL the snow.
    There is hope! xoxo Jeanne.

  14. First off, thank you for having such a great linky party. I've met some of the best people through here. Secondly, THANK YOU for the beau-tee-ful spring pictures!!! Oh I can not wait for Spring to spring!! ;))


  15. Thanks so much for bringing a bit of Spring out for all of us to see. I was really needing it. I too dislike the cold and long for the days when I can be outside. But it is a long way in the mean time thanks for the bouquet and especially for the fav.

  16. I think that we are all longing for spring right now. Thanks for the lovely pictures for us to dream about!!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. Just found your blog over at Ash Tree Cottage and I'm joining your party for the first time. Thanks for hosting!!!

  18. Liz, Your pictures are wonderful. The flowers in bloom make me want to get out and do some planting. It's a nice day here today, but very cold at night and still too cold for the spring flowers. Have a great weekend.

  19. those lovely blooms will spring forth when spring time comes. i'm sure it will put smiles on your face.

  20. Love all your flower pictures, especially the mimosa tree blooms. I haven't seen one of those since I lived in Maryland over 20 years ago. They don't survive the winters this far north. Neither do the crape myrtles. I'd forgotten how much I miss them. Thanks for sharing and I'm your newest follower.

  21. Lovely pictures...winter is my least favorite as well... Happy Fertilizer Friday!

  22. Oh, i hope you see this in time to link up to Cottage Flora Thursday's...if not,come back next Thursday! xoxo
    Your garden is really pretty!

  23. Thanks so much for linking! So fun to meet new gardeners~ please do share Cottage Flora Thursday's with your gardening friends! xoxo

  24. Hi Liz, thanks so much for the wonderful invitation!! Just linked up!
    big hugs,

  25. Just found you fun party and hope to join in the fun soon. Added you link and button to my sidebar so I would remember when the party starts!

    bee blessed

  26. Love your photos.Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. my word!!! that is a gorgeous pink tree!!!! it is all just beautiful!
    thanks for linking in this week...I love to see how everyone shares!


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