Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's the Little Things

Every woman I know loves beauty for the simple sake of beauty. Something need not be practical, logical, nor have a specific purpose—other than to be pleasing to the eyes, of course—to be considered beautiful…or, at the very least, pretty.   ; )

For me, it's the little things I surround myself with—things that make me smile—that make my cottage a haven of beauty…at least to me.

Like the decorative features of this vintage washbasin and pitcher. The dainty, blue forget-me-not blossoms seem to practically dance across the porcelain! Just looking at this vignette transports me to a more genteel time in history.

With the space constraints of this room, I opted to place the washstand in front of the large window. To add a touch of the unexpected, I hung an ornate, vintage mirror on the window frame, just above the bowl and pitcher.

This Victorian brush and mirror set on the dressing table has the most wonderful timeworn patina. I love the way it looks displayed on this old silver plate tray—with the vintage lace sandwiched between.

Speaking of lace…
in my book, you just cannot go wrong by adding vintage linens and lace to...
well, just about anything!

When I discovered this lovely old piece at a local flea market, I had no idea what I would do with it. But, I knew I wanted to find some way to admire its beauty daily.

My solution...attach it to a Victorian metal frame, embellish it with a section from an old rhinestone bracelet, and set it atop a bedroom bureau.

This gorgeous pair of vintage toleware sconces—on the wall just above that same bureau—was also a fabulous flea market find!

One of my favorite things to do is to move things around a room, or from one room to another, to create a fresh, new look.

Can you spot the decorative items on this French chest that used to reside elsewhere?

And even little items, such as this German half doll pincushion, add simple beauty to my everyday work spaces.

She was another flea market treasure that I purchased without a specific purpose in mind.

When I got her home, I took her out of her original sawdust-filled pincushion.

My original thought was to use just the doll—perhaps displayed among a dish of vintage buttons or jewelry.

But, as I pondered just what to do with her, the thought of her original purpose crossed my mind. So, she came to rest on the table in front of my sewing box.

And she even got dressed up for the occasion!

This double-tiered vintage doily made quite a nice ballgown—don't you agree?

Without a doubt, it's the little things that add up to make a home a thing of beauty!


  1. You have such a beautiful collection of vintage pretties! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  2. Some beautiful items here. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the pitcher and basin.

  3. I have a half doll like that. The bottom is old and stained, but I have so far left it as it is. I like your idea of putting the pretty doily around her.

  4. The doily/ball gown looks like it was made for her. Very beautiful things, all of them, and so nicely displayed!

  5. I love the doll in the doilie, she's beautiful!

  6. So many beautiful things and so nicely said! I am lace crazy too, I am always on the lookout for more, it goes with EVERYTHING! Bella

  7. Great finds. I agree with you, lace just makes everything better. Come stop by my Favorite Things Friday Party if you would like to join in!

  8. Oh what a lovely collection. Love love love the washbasin and beautiful! Oh and the brush set is wonderful.

  9. Hi, Liz...I love all your beautiful finds..especially that bowl and pitcher..just stunning.

  10. I love the wash basin set and the brush and mirror set.

  11. What fabulous finds! I can't decide whether I love the brush set or wall sconces the best. Okay how about both? LOL!

  12. Everything you shared with us was just so lovely! Just my style and you made my Victorian Heart sing!!

  13. It is funny, Liz, how the little things can make my day! I love your finds and the doily gown on your little lady is lovely!

  14. The scones, the SCONES are 'to die for'!!!

    My show n tell is HERE. I do hope you can find time to stop by and visit me. I'd love your company.

    Have a super weekend.

  15. You found some great things. Love the frames! The lady with the skirt is adorable. I had one of those when I was a little girl!

  16. Such beautiful treasures, love them all! I have a silver hand mirror similar to yours, it's a family hand-me-down.

  17. Enjoyed your photos......really loved the German half doll w/ the eyelet skirt!

  18. Your frames are so nice and I love how you hung the little photo in there!!

  19. Stunning vignettes! You have some truly beautiful treasures.

  20. What wonderful treasures....I love the frames, been thinking about looking for a few of these! Have a great weekend and thank you for linking in to VTT!

  21. Wow, you have some beautiful items. I especially like the pitcher and basin. Oh and the doll and the dresser set and......

  22. Beautiful finds...luv the dresser set and frames! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday:)


  23. Oh I agree with you that a woman wants a beautiful romantic home. Such a lovely post!
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