Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heralds of Spring

Each year, I anxiously anticipate the arrival of spring.

As the first slender green blades of my daffodils stretch gleefully through the thick blanket of the remnants of winter, my anticipation mounts.

Though the little guardian of my cottage garden fondly dreams of warmer days, he seems totally unaware of the process of the rebirth that has begun just below him.

With every passing day, I observe more of the lovely spires emerging all around the cottage, breaking forth from the once dormant earth, reaching adoringly toward the warmth of the sun.

Then, quite unexpectedly, the first spear-shaped buds appear.

Almost without warning, a solitary bloom explodes into vibrant color.

Soon, that solitary messenger is followed by an entire host of newcomers…

who dance merrily along the edge of the pump house…

and wave a cheerful greeting all along our oak allée.

In unison, they bow and curtsey to visitors who wander on to the old wooden path leading to the front porch…

all the while, heralding the wonderful news that spring is at the door. 

Indeed, a most welcomed guest!

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  1. ... A host of golden daffodils........
    Your photos immediately put Wordworth's lovely poem in my mind, had to go and read it again.

  2. Just beautiful.....Spring & warmer weather cannot be far behind! Thanks for sharing this breath of fresh air with us!

  3. I always look for my daffodil shoots, too, Liz! I haven't peeked yet, but I'm hoping the nicer weather we've had this week will help! Love the little "guardian"!

  4. Behold, all those golden smiling faces. How sweet is that?
    Joyce M

  5. I, too, recall Wordsworth's poem each spring, as I happily observe the transformation of my landscape ushered in by the daffodils.

    It is such a joy to watch the vibrant blooms, by the hundreds, explode all around the cottage. At their peak, they provide perpetual sunshine, even on the dreariest of days.


  6. Your daffodils are just such a breath of fresh air and sunshine for me today - thank you for sharing their beauty!

  7. I enjoyed your burst of spring!


  8. I'd love to experience Spring like others do!

    m ^..^

  9. Love your little guardian. Your daffodils are quite lovely.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Love the daffodils! Your guardian is so sweet!

  11. I love watching too as the daffodils first burst up through the soil and eventually are all blooming. They are so colorful ad so cheerful. What a lovely welcome to anyone who is lucky enough to visit you!


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