Sunday, March 28, 2010

Digging for Diamonds

There is a common thread connecting each of the items in the mosaic above.  Actually, there are several common threads:  
  • They're all past projects for the Yankee and me.  
  • I've shared a bit about them in previous posts. 
  • Each of them was once a diamond in the rough, discovered while digging around the treasure mine pictured below.


When I shared the results of the therapy we administered to the Victorian lady–found here at Cline's–I also gave you a few glimpses of this fun place.

Your comments indicated that you were as excited to catch those few glimpses–of one of my very favorite stomping grounds–as you were to see the project transformation.

So, I thought I would make all you treasure hunters drool a tad bit more.  ; )

In many ways, this place looks pretty much the same way it did when the Yankee and I stumbled upon it almost fifteen years ago...

with the exception of the addition of a number of longbed-trailers filled with the overflow of all sorts of goodies...

and a selection of imported "new" items given a faux-aged finish.

If you enjoy a good hunt, and you love digging for unique treasure, you would be totally thrilled to visit this antique lover's / junker's haven.

The goods are in a constant state of change–almost daily–with buyers moving it out and pickers bringing new treasures in. 

And it's not unusual to bump into the owner, Don Cline, at various local auctions, adding to this already bursting-at-the-seams inventory.

What once was a very large family owned and operated farm–until 1973–is now host to such a mine of unusual, unique objects that movie studios even shop this haunt looking for props.

Barns that once housed 12,000 laying hens are now packed to the rafters with wonderful antique, vintage, and, often, one-of-a-kind treasures.

And if you can't find that special something inside, just take a gander outside, around the barns...

where you're likely to encounter loads of old farm equipment...


unique collectibles.

In need of a door?

A barnful awaits you–antique, vintage, and new.

Looking for an old window or two?

Cline's has a few.

How about an antique iron bed...
or two...
or three?

Is rusty, chippy metal your passion? 

Whether vintage or new...

or new made to look vintage...

you can find everything from the whimsical...

to the standard garden-variety at this one-stop junker's paradise.

Diamonds in the rough abound in this jumble of junk, if you are willing to dig them out.

And, you're sure to meet the master of ceremonies of this little show whenever you visit.

By the way, don't let his old-country-boy exterior fool you. 

This guy holds an MBA and was,
for years, 
 a college professor of economics...

before the junkin' bug bit him.  ; )

You'll most often find him lounging in the cool shade of this sixty-year-old Ash tree or tooling around the grounds in his green Kawasaki.

On colder days, he'll be perched in one of his favorite spots–

his old barber's chair, next to the vintage woodstove.

Once you've visited this fun junkin' spot, you'll want to hurry back to see what new finds await you. 

It will be difficult not to spend the entire day rummaging through every little nook and cranny–each and every time you visit–because the inventory changes so frequently...

and there are sooo many tempting treasures yet to be discovered.

Just come prepared ladies...'cause there's no indoor plumbing!

Cline's Country Antiques
11839 Highway 49 N
Mt Pleasant, NC 28124

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  1. Oh my! This place looks SO amazing. I can imagine myself spending all week here, looking at absolutely everything!!

  2. This is not fair!!! Making us drool a tad bit more, you say? I have drooled so much, I am positively dehydrated! What an awesome place. I have spotted many many things I would have picked up, had I been there. Sigh.

  3. K, so that is totally going on my list of 'visit this place before you kick the bucket'.
    Wowsa! Thanks for sharing, I think *wink*

  4. Well, I saw several things I'd have picked up there, Liz! I'm sure you could never get through the whole place in a day ~ there is just so much there. Thanks for sharing your visit!

    Did you change your blog background? It looks good!

  5. WOW!!!...hubby and I could spend a lot of time and money at this wonderful spot.
    Thanks for giving us a look!

  6. What fun! Thanks for taking us along!

  7. You must be a very clever, crafty person to see the possibilities in discarded items. That's a gift!!

  8. OMG, I have got to get there!!! lol Seriously! I loved seeing all your projects, Liz. Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  9. What a place! I think you could spend days in there.
    You have a special talent for seeing the potential for the treasures you buy.

  10. Nice job on the mosaic. I like to go to places like that and just roam. I can nearly always find a treasure.

  11. Wow, one could spend a very long time looking through all that treasure!

  12. Hi there! Totally enjoyed catching up on your blog. What a great place to hunt treasures. There are a couple of big places like that down here -- just don't like to go in the heat! Saw some stuff I wouldn't mind having. I love your lace (the curly looking one), your pitcher and bowl (wonderful blue flowers). The aqua lady is gorgeous. And those blossoms and the pump near the pump house (awesome!). All really looks great! Thanks for stopping by blog too. Did you get over the flu? Having been sick since, what December? January? And even up to last weekend w/something else ... goodness. I'm glad to be feeling nearly normal or as normal as it gets. (I still so love my Valentine winnings. Thank you again.) Do you rubber stamp stuff? (Ink/stamps)? Till next time, Jenn <><

  13. Wowie Zowie! that truly looks like a treasure hunters dream location. Do you wear gloves as you dig? Looks like a lot of fun...

  14. You could get lost in there and they wouldn't find you for days. Looks like a fun place. Valerie

  15. Love your mosaic - had to click and get a closer look at all the goodies! Looks like such a fun place to hunt for treasures. Road trip, anyone?

  16. Oh my goodness! Why oh why is this place way over there in NC? It seems like the best junkin' places are thousands of miles away from me! ::Jill

  17. Certainly well worth spending an afternoon thee digging deep for diamonds in the rough!
    I spy with my little eye many treasures that I'd love to have! WOW!!

  18. Now that is a paradise! It would be heavenly to spend a day or two there! Marvellous post.

    Happy Easter/ Tyra

    Tyra's Garden

  19. Goodness Gracious!! I could spend days at this place!! I would love to visit somewhere like that ....with a Uhaul It!!

  20. What a great place to while away an hour or three!
    Thanks for the tour.

  21. I'll bet you could find anything in there!! Wow!

  22. Looks like a whole day there may not be enough to see it all - what a treasure trove!


  23. You need to have eyes with special vision to see some of the future treasures. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  24. To me, I'd rather shop there than being able to shop on Rodeo Drive. It's just a thing with us "junk girls". I saw many, many items that look right up my alley. Great post.

  25. What a cool haven of neat goodies. Have a Happy Easter and Happy Blue Monday :)

  26. I am thinking I could just pack my little bag and live there amongst all of those treasures. My husband has been wanting to go on a road trip..... I am thinking we should take the truck and just set the GPS for Mt Pleasant,NC.
    Loved your mosaic and your post. Have a great week.

  27. What a fun post!!! I will definitely have to check out that part of the state. Love your table featured on Cottage Instincts!

  28. OMG! I have died and gone to junkers heaven! I am going to have to get the map out and find this place. How far from York, SC?

  29. Your mosaicso pretty and cheerful! ...makes me so happy that I stopped by! Geeze Louise. I'm drooling over all those treasures waiting to be claimed! yum. yum. yummy! I hope to see you at my place one day this week when you get a moment. until later...

  30. This post is FANTASTIC! Your blog is a favorite!
    Hope you have a great week~


  32. I think I died and went to heaven, that place is amazing. Thanks for the tour..

  33. Oh my, what fun it would be to dig through all of that junk! Loved your post. Happy VTT!


  34. A junker's paradise, if there ever was one!

  35. I could get lost for a weekend there..and love every minute of it. I love wonderful places like are a lucky girl to get to go there..and I love what you've done with your wonderful finds.Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend.

  36. OMG! What a place! This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  37. All I can say is I'd be dangerous in a place like, what a fun time this would be! Have a great VTT~

  38. Wow, this place looks wonderful! I saw lots of things I really really really need!!!!!

  39. Wow, a little something for everyone!

  40. drool drool drool....OH MY GOODNESS. Just realized you answered the comments with a separate post....oh my oh my oh my....I might have to make a road trip....

  41. That is Junking overload! How do you even know where to begin? I think I know where I want to go for my 25th anniversary trip! LOL I'm sure I can find a romantic B&B somewhere close. Now I just have to figure out how to explain the u-haul.

  42. I think I died and went to heaven! This is like American Pickers, but for ladies, too! Thank you for taking the time to snap photos to share with us!

  43. Oh Me Oh My you've sent me into a tizz - I've never seen anything like this place - it's better than any Disneyland or theme park !!! I'll get there one day for sure - Thank YOU so much for putting my head in a spin and tantalizing me. Happy Easter ... If I survive this I'll be playing along at VTT starting next week ... see you then ;)

  44. OMG! I was just in Asheboro at the zoo on Monday. If I knew about Cline's I would have begged my husband to take me there! I would have been in my glory. We live on the coast but have family near Charlotte. Next time we trek up that way I will make it a point to stop at Cline's!

  45. oh, my - looks like you found a goldmine! Fun to see all the items that would be "the perfect find" for our home decor we are looking for!


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