Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays ALWAYS Get Me Down

that's not totally accurate.  It's more like, rainy days that seem to have no end
AND frigid winter temps that force me to stay inside 
make me...

Let's just say, winter and cold weather DO NOT agree with me at all.

But then, that's a little tidbit I shared with you...
 right from the start.

And I also happen to be someone who likes color—something greatly
lacking during these dismal winter days.

It's no accident that I still have a fall banner at the top of my blog.  It makes me
smile to see all those warm, sunny colors up there.

Alas, the trees have all shed their gorgeous autumnal apparel
and have left an ocean of brown, crackly leaves upon the forest floor.

The raindrops hang from their now-bare branches...
like glistening miniature ornaments.

It has been raining here for days, and, at times, the fog has settled so
densely upon the surrounding hills...

that they take on the appearance of an Impressionist painting—
though lacking the color 

The landscape that only a short while ago teemed with abundant plant life
now feels lifeless and dull.

Even the field grasses, which during fall were a delightful, golden hue,
have grown pale in this intense cold.

As I walked around the farm—in my wellies and layered
clothing—I was struck with just how quickly the color
has seemed to drain from my surroundings.

Another good reason to just stay indoors
and hibernate for a few more weeks, I thought...

until I caught a glimpse of this sight!

The daffodils are suddenly beginning to spring up beneath the trees—
their beautiful green leaves dotting the landscape with life...
AND color. 
That's one of the reasons that daffodils are my very favorite flower
At the point when the earth seems so gloomy and barren, these
little bursts of sunshine shoot up...
displaying their golden splendor.

In a few days, I'll be able to venture outside and pluck a handful
of these beauties to brighten up the inside of the cottage.

Just what I need to cheer me up on a rainy Monday!   ; )


  1. I hear you, girl! I live on the Arkansas River and every picture I try to take is just grey, grey, grey. Spring will return.

  2. daffodils! do you know how long it is until we see those puppies in Chicago?! Glaciers move faster than winter up here!

  3. It may seem barren to you, but your property looks beautiful. I do know what you mean though. I can't wait for spring. I am longing to see some fresh shoots of green and open some windows.

    P.S. - I haven't listened to Karen Carpenter in a very long time - thanks for putting her song in my head! I really loved her music.


  4. Couldn't agree with you more! Just told my hubby last night, "I need to see and feel sunshine!" Hooray for the daffodils! Mine are only up about 2 inches.

  5. No such thing showing up around here yet. It sure has been the most unusual winter I can remember.

  6. Feel better Liz...I have the winter blahs myself but we will snap out of it! Warmer days are a coming....I sit around and try to plan my spring / summer projects and that usually helps me for a while anyway :0) Hope today is sunny for you!!

  7. Wow, that is unbelievable! It's so early. I won't be seeing any of those here for months. Enjoy...that is wonderful!

  8. I know exactly how you feel. The sight of the daffodil is like a ray of sunshine!


  9. No way, the flowers are UP????? We won't see that for a couple months yet here in Minnesota. I'm so envious.


  10. Oooh! Brrr! Hmmmm. Ahhh. Wow. Yes. Uh-huh. Yah. I know what you mean. Oh my, beautiful. What a blessing -- all of the photos and views, but that nugget of green and promise of spring. Enjoyed the vista & flora! Thanks! Jenn

  11. Oh, I feel for you...we live in sunny Southern California, and the days are already getting warmer. Your photos are pretty despite the weather. Have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. Your photos may be void of color, but not of beauty. Simply gorgeous!
    I'm glad on a day that was so gray, you found a ray of sunshine. Amazing how He does that, isn't it?

  13. In Texas our bluebonnets are coming up like crazy. No blooms yet, but looks like we are going to have quite a crop this year. We don't plant them, but our pastures were awash in bluebonnets a few years ago. Looking forward to spring flowers, but here we don't have much of a wait. And to be honest, although it rained today, it's not like it was actually cold. Stay warm and dry!!

  14. Of course, we're getting the same weather as you and, like you, I want warmth and color! Our daffies are also trying to bloom and it seems so odd that they're blooming before the Christmas/Lenten roses that we have planted out front!

  15. I love rainy days, so was looking at your pictures thinking of how beautiful they were. Then I got to the last one, and well that green is so refreshing. We have some green shoots coming up around here, and the magnolias are blooming. Spring is so wonderful, isn't it?


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