Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Travel Thursday #49 - Making Memories for a Lifetime

Welcome to the 49th Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage!

Are you ready to do some traveling? Great; 'cause time never stands still!

Though our children have been out on their own for years now, the Yankee and I still believe it's important to continue to make memories together.

Recently, we went on a family camping trip to one of our favorite getaways—Stone Mountain State Park, here in North Carolina.

We've been camping at that particular park for about sixteen years and have never grown tired of the majestic mountain scenery.

When we first started our family trips to this state park, there were just under 40 campsites to choose from.  But in the past several years, they've increased that number to 90. 

By frequently camping at this same park over the years, we were able to discover which sites were most to our liking.

In years past, it was a simple matter of loading up the gear, the kids and the dogs, and showing up at the campground to claim one of our favorite spots.

We got quite the surprise this trip, when we discovered that you now need to make reservations—or run the risk of not getting a place to camp.

Thank goodness there were two sites available this time!

Here are just a few reasons why this place is so special to us.

The tranquil streams, meandering throughout the park, are so clear, you can see every stone, rock, and pebble beneath the surface.

The surrounding 14,000 picturesque acres are teeming with lush, unspoiled flora and fauna.

There are numerous breathtakingly beautiful falls tucked amid the mossy mountain rocks and boulders.

At Widow's Creek, you can even slide down one of the lower falls into a calm, clear—RIDICULOUSLY COLD—pool...if you dare.   ; )

When the children were younger, that was one of their favorite forms of entertainment, when we camped here.

Since I DO NOT like to be cold, I was always quite content to lounge beneath the massive green canopy of the surrounding trees, bask in the incredible beauty of the landscape, and watch my loved ones making memories for a lifetime.   ; )

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  1. We are great-grandparents, so you KNOW how long our kids have been out of the house....and we LOVE, better than anything, to go on family trips together.
    This looks like a wonderful place....

  2. Oh what truly gorgeous pictures!! I've had trouble leaving messages on blogger, so I'm HOPING this goes through!!!

  3. What a beautiful campsite! You are lucky to have a regular spot to go and visit! We are trying to find a spot like that somewhere in the midwest, where we live. Wish us luck and have fun camping!

  4. What a beautiful place,no wonder you keep going back. Beautiful country!!!

  5. What a beautiful camping spot and wonderful family memories. We used to go camping every year when our daughters lived at home to the same campground with lots of other church friends.
    Thanks for hosting your blog party each week.
    ~ Julie

  6. Beautiful place and nature!

    Have a nice day.

  7. What a beautiful place to hangout take in all the wonders of life and make sweet memories with the family.
    Happy day to you and yours
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  8. Thanks for hosting a great party:-))
    Beautiful place and photos, hugs Biljana

  9. I know Tennessee (where I'm at) and North Carolina share borders but I love the back roads of N.C. Just gorgeous! One of my sons attended East Tennessee State, Johnson City and I just love that part of the world and beyond the state line borders.

  10. Nobody beats nature in the beauty department! Thanks so much for hosting--

  11. How beautiful. Camping is such a wonderful way to spend family time. We are leaving in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. NC looks so lush. I can't wait to visit someday.

  12. Beautiful settings and memories. Thanks for hosting.

  13. Wow - beautiful photos! We love the mountains, but only get to rest our eyes on them every few years.

  14. Love, love the mountains in NC. I am sad we may not be able to go this year. I linked up, have a wonderful day. Your photos are lovely and I can hear the brook right now.

  15. You're tempting me to spend the day out doors - it's a beautiful one and a walk in the woods would be most welcome. Your special place is wonderful. I can see why it's so dear to you, especially when it holds so many memories of precious time with your family. We used to do a lot of camping when my kids were young. I miss those times!

  16. This looks like such a beautiful place. We used to camp at the same places every year when my boys were young. So many wonderful memories.

  17. I just love waterfalls. Thanks for sharing and for hosting!!!

  18. absolutely strikingly beautiful photos and what great memories they represent.

    Sorry but I accidently posted my link twice (I was having trouble with my picture on Linky) but all is good now.

  19. Thanks so much for hosting yet another week!!

    Hugs, Sherri

  20. Oh, I have not been to those mountains in years. This makes me really miss them. The most gorgeous place on earth.

  21. A beautiful is good to hear that you still do this even though your children are grown...

  22. Your post made me yearning to go camping- we used to go all the time when the boys were young but haven't gone in several years.-

  23. Thanks so much for hosting...I'll be back this weekend to visit some links. Your photos are absolutely stunning!

  24. Beautiful place and gorgeous pictures. What a wonderul thing for you and your family!

  25. What amazing photos! I lived in Madison County right next to a creek...and that water stays COLD year round! I always loved to fish but it would chill you even in the summer! We'll be back in NC next week! Can't wait to see those mountains! ♥

  26. So beautiful and peaceful,wish I was there~ I would definitely try the "water slide"!

    Be Well.


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