Thursday, June 30, 2011

Talented Time Travelers in Focus #49 & 50

As I shared with you last night, the Yankee and I have spent WEEKS in our shamefully-neglected garden, trying to RECLAIM LOST GROUND—literally!
  We've worked out there from sunup to sundown many,
many days.
Yep!  It was that bad!
Truthfully, it has pretty much consumed all of our time—and ENERGY
  Working in high humidity and 90 degree daily temps have a way of making you feel like
 a limp noodle, by the end of the day.
Unfortunately, many other things—like blogging—have been put on hold, until we could tame
the jungle.  But you have not been forgotten! 
 And though I missed posting Talented Time Travelers in Focus last week, I have included
those features in this post, along with this week's travelers.
So sit back, relax, and take in some of the talent from the past two weeks.
Talented Time Travelers in Focus #49:

If you love the charm of cottage décor, then you really MUST visit
Jacqueline @ ...Cabin & Cottage.

Her lovely vignettes are quite dreamy!
Snowflakes and Dragonflies shared a fabulously frugal way to create cute, inexpensive
wall art.  Cute and inexpensive—a great combo! 
Madison @ Madison Makes had to have surgery, but her self-prescribed medicine—
shopping at the thrift store next door to the doc's office—
provided quick pain relief.  ; )
I love having a "handy" hubby!  And it looks like I'm just one, of many,
who has been blessed in that way. 
Cindy @ I Adapt—Daily Tips and Time Saving Ideas...and other Things!
has a real "keeper," as well.
That good-looking black cabinet, shown above, is his handiwork.
From reading your blogs, I know most of you are as crazy about birds, nests, and cloches
 as I am.  This sweet display—showcasing all three—was created by
Kathy is a brand new blogger, so be sure to stop by, and say hello.
We ALL love a good deal—especially when it involves an item we can re-create. 
Jil @ Gone Thrifting found this industrial base and
converted it to this fine-looking flower box.
Jil is another newbie, so be sure to pay her a visit.
Want a quick way to turn a run-of-the-mill everyday item into one filled
with vintage French charm?  Then visit KerryAnne @ Shabby Art Boutique, to see how
she transformed this once ho-hum soap dispenser.
When I first saw these baseball flowers, my thought was, "How cool is that?!"
  If you think they're cool too, visit Crystal @ Vintage Gypsy for a simple tutorial.
Talented Time Travelers in Focus #50:

Sometimes it's the simple things that bring us the greatest joy.
For Esther @ Not Quite Perfect finding these patriotic cups was a complete thrill.

Linda @ Lavender Ridge shared the transformation of her walkway that had become
"overgrown" with flowers and plants.


If you've always thought that laminate pieces could not possibly be "prettied" up,
 think again!  Heather @ DIY kinda girl has a step-by-step tutorial
showing how to do just that.

Annie @ Behind OUR FRONT DOOR has decided that reusing party décor can be
rather nice—as with these cheery sunflowers.

You know that I'm a mountain girl at heart.

Well Anne @ Design Dreams by Anne has some stunning images to share of the
mountain ranges that surround her home.  She's another blog newbie, so be sure to
stop by and say hi.

Lorena @ My Shabby Chic Home showed off a number of her creative projects.
I think these homemade buoys are terrific!

And that wraps up TWO WEEKS of features!

By the way, remember how exciting it was to receive visitors, comments,
and new followers, when you first started blogging?

Well, many of those featured here are newbies.  It would be great if you could show
 them some bloggy love with a visit and a kind word!   ; )


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