Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time Travel Thursday #17 - Worlds Apart


Welcome to the seventeenth Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage.

Are you ready for our next trip back in time and into the future?

Then let's take a little trip.  Shall we?

I thought I would share a bit more of my tour of New England from this past summer.

Remember the setting above, from an earlier post I did on old Northern barns?

Though seeing that barnand the beautiful flowers surrounding itwas a special treat, it was not the reason for the visit there.

The quaint little roadside stand, where I took these photos, was an introduction to yet another cultural difference between the Yankee's heritage and that of this Southerner.

On one of the days we were taking in the beautiful scenery of the countryside,

like that of the Mill River,

one of my in-laws asked if I would like a "creamee."

To which I responded, "I don't know.  What is a creamee?"

You would have thought I had two heads from the looks I got. 

Needless to say, the game planned changed instantly from sightseeing to educating the Southerner.

When we arrived at the little standwith the barn and the flowers and the homegrown goodnessthe sign was a dead giveaway to the mystery.

"Oh, now I know what you mean!" I stated matter-of-factly. 

"Well, what do you call it down South?" I was asked.

""Why soft serve, of course!"  ; )

Soft serve, has been around since the late 1930s, and I've been around since the late 1950s, but I had never heard it called by that name.

It never ceases to amaze me how, at times, the Yankee's Northern heritage and my Southern seem worlds apart!

I think my in-laws fearedafter five weeks in New EnglandI was going through culture shock.

So, the day before I was scheduled to return home to North Carolina, they took me to a local hangout, where they thought I might feel more at home.

Bub's Bar-B-Q has been a favorite of the locals for many yearssince 1979 to be exact.

And, yes, it was a familiar "taste of home."

Though I dare say, you won't find a barbecue restaurant, anywhere in my neck of the woods, that serves it alongside kielbasa and New England clam chowder!

Like I said...
worlds apart!  ; )

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  1. Love the pictures-- the sign is adorable. Thanks so much for hosting!

  2. Great pictures...I have forgotten all about creamees...a reminder of the past, and a summer in Maine.(-: Thank you for hosting the party.

  3. Thank you for hosting. I had forgotten all about Creamee's it bring back memories of a summer spent in Maine. Great pictures.

  4. THanks for hosting. I live in New England and we call it soft serve where I live...??

  5. Five weeks in New England - dreamy! Great pictures, thanks for the tour.

  6. Looks like a great trip! Happy VTT

  7. A fun post! It is amazing how different things are called by different names depending on where you live. As a transplant to the prairie mid-west from the west coast originally, I am still not used to hearing soda referred to as POP. Thanks for taking us along :)


  8. HAHA! I'm from the midwest and now live in North Carolina. It has been a huge eye opener for me. So was the bbq vinegar based like NC bbq? That took me a long time to get used to...

  9. Beautiful photos! ~especialy the gorgeous flowers~Happy Friday!


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