Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talented Time Travelers in Focus #18

Let's take a peek at some of the terrific talent from last week's travelers.  Shall we?

How would you like to have a whole house full of wonderful vintage doors like this one from Oxford University?

Check out the wild-eyed escapades of Sarah @ Modern Country Style to find out how she scored her doors. 

It's not always easy to come up with decorative items for a child's room that he or she won't grow out of too quickly.

Monica @ Don't just count your blessings...share them! had an idea of what she wanted for her son's room and was kind enough to share the steps with us.

Button, button, who's got the button?

That would be Julie @ saltbox treasures.

Like her cute vintage button garland?  She sells them in her Etsy store.

Okay, I just told you again last night how much I like birds.

So it shouldn't be a surprise how much I like the image above.

To me, this candid shot of Surf Scoters, by Scented Leaf, would make a great piece of wall art.

And speaking of art, I think these incredible vintage-book-page stars, by Amanda @ House Revivals, qualify.

Don't you?

As always, great job Time Travelers!

I look forward to seeing all your creative ideas for next week's Time Travel Thursday linky party.  ; )


  1. Thanks so much for the nice comments about my woven stars! They are lots of fun to do. The tutorial for the second two stars should be live this weekend!

  2. Kisses and happy weekend.

  3. Hello! I posted a link to one of the best finds I ever had! So happy to have found your site. It is beautiful!

    xo Jeanne.

  4. Hey you,

    I just came over by chance to have a look around your blog again and what was the first thing I saw?? A photo from my blog! I had to do a rubber-necked double take!

    Thank you so much for featuring Modern Country Style. It's quite made my day!


  5. I love the bookmark stars so lovely...

  6. love the blog! i am your newest follower! i added your linky part button to the bottom of my blog. :)

  7. I love the vintage book page stars I gave you an award today!

    Happy Thanksgiving


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