Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tips and Tricks Tuesday #14 - Remembering Our Feathered Friends

Fall is in the air...
at least in some parts of the country.

Believe it or not, it's still in the upper 80s during the day
here, in my neck of the woods.

 The upper 80s...and it's the middle of October!

It's hard for me to even think of fall decorating right now...
because of this intense heat.

But a certain crafty lady is right on top of things.

Lindy @ Cottage Hill made these huge acorns from a recent thrift store find,
and you won't believe what she used for the base of her creations!

Seeing Lindy's giant acorns made me think of all
the squirrel activity going on around the farm these days.
They've been quite busy scampering about, collecting scores of acorns
and storing them for winter.

But the birds around here rely on my help for winter sustenance...
well, except for those who "wisely" build their homes near a natural food source—like the
dogwood in my front yard, filled with bright red berries.

Others know a good thing...
and want to be first in line for the freebies.

The bird that built this nest—in the feeder beneath the pines in my side yard—
determined it was the perfect size for a cozy bedroom...
 AND a dining area.

And though I choose to feed the birds around my cottage year-round,
I know that come spring, the abundant insect population will more than offset
the need for an increase in food for the numerous
new additions to the flocks.

It was such fun to watch Momma Robin dutifully feed her babies
 this year—after she had had her fill from the feeders.

In fact, I have feeders set up thoughout my yard
for the birds to freely come and feast.

They get their little bellies filled, and I, in return, am
rewarded by their beauty and with their melodious songs.

Even wild birdslike this momma turkey and her little ones—make their way
to a free food source on a regular basis, once they find it.

So if you're wondering about a good time to start feeding
the birds near you, late summer or early fall is a great time to start.

It presents plenty of time for them to find the food and
establish a habit of feeding at your feeders before
 the onset of winter—when they will most need your help.

Be sure to offer fresh, clean water, as well.
It's much harder for wildlife to find...
 during fall and winter.

Then, no matter the weather, you'll have
 a bevy of beautiful feathered friends
 to enjoy...even in the coldest weather.


  1. Sounds like lovely weather to me! We had our first frost last night, at least a month later than usual.
    Love the bird pics, I just bought feeders about 2-3 weeks ago and on the very day, they seem to have left. Oh, we have lots of starlings and they did finally find one feeder. I sure hope some of the other lovelies find them before winter. Thanks for the post.

  2. How lovely that you care for all those little birds, in Australia there is usually food year round for our feathered friends because it doesn't snow, but we would perhaps feed some that rely on grains in times of severe drought, but we do try to provide water for them- that's thing they would run out of here! It is funny you said about it still being hot where you are, it is still cool here - usually it is quite hot this time of the year but we have had lots of rain and we are still in winter PJ's and have flannelette sheets on our beds- unheard of in October!

  3. Thanks for sharing today! I love feeding the birds year round. I love birds in general. I have a fountain, which is used most of the year so the birds have water. I also have 3 other bird baths for them. I grow things like cone flower so the goldfinches come and feast when they go to seed. I used to grow sunflowers when we had our farm and leave them for the birds to "pick" at during the Fall and sometimes into the early winter months. I think you have giving everyone some really good times and thanks for showing the pretty pictures!

  4. Thanks so much for the feature. Oh, I know just what you's still hot here where I live, too!


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