Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talented Time Travelers in Focus #13

It's time to focus on some of the talent linked to last week's Time Travel Thursday linky party.

If ever there was a case made for thrifty DIYin', being young and relatively newly married would certainly qualify.

Christina @ Christina's Adventures qualifies on both counts. 

And with a little lot of help from hubby, she scored big on her joint "redo" venture.

And she scored again with this Ballard-Designs-inspired wreath above.

MT @ unexpected gracealso young and newly marriedshared her bright ideas for unique lamp bases. 

You'll find her ideas quite illuminating.

Amy @ Crazy Craft Bugs shared how to have a ball...

ummm, I mean, make a ball using handy thrift-store materials.

Is your memo / inspiration board a bit overcrowded?  Take a cue from Alison (and Molly) @ The Modern Cottage and gain all the space you could ever need.

What crafty idea could you come up with using these cute ankle boots?

Go visit Kathleen @ Fireflies and Family to see how they inspired her.

As always, great job, Time Travelers!


  1. I can see your cute black ankle boots, made into of course witches shoes! Some black and purple sparkles of some sort and of course a bouquet of black feathers and black glittered leaves. They would look fabulous! Thanks for your nice comments!

  2. How exciting! Thanks for featuring my "black boots" project. I'm glad that you liked it.
    Can't wait to check out your other finds.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. very nice, I lake it!

    Kisses and happy weekend.

  4. I went to see the 'Serving up Serenity' post and recognized it from your header! It is SO appealing and peaceful! I would NEVER get up from that spot. As I went through the beautiful pictures, I could imagine my children running through that wonderful field playing hide and seek! It is magical! Your plates and setting are so lovely! I don't know how I missed those at Marshall's! So, so pretty! Thanks for taking me to that magical place and for stopping by Three Pixie Lane!

  5. Such lovely pics!
    Just a hi from Yankee land!
    Haven't visited your blog in a long while, and I'm so grateful for archives, as I'll want to catch up on everything I've missed!


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