Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Travel Thursday #10 - Fun Funky Vintage Junk Décor

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams."
~Jeremy Irons~

Welcome to the 10th Time Travel Thursday linky party at The Brambleberry Cottage!
Are you ready to share your fondest memories, grandest dreams,
and most creative projects?
Great, let's do it!

You know how much the Yankee and I love our junkin' jaunts.
After all, one can never have enough junk!  Am I right?  'Cause you just never know
 when you might need it.   ; )

For instance, a few weeks ago, the Yankee needed some for yet another one of his
totally unique creations.

out to the barn he went.

And when he returned to the workshop, he was loaded down with an old
railroad lantern, some cool vintage insulators, a couple of rusty, crusty gears,
some tractor parts, and an old pulley. 

Then he plunder through one our boxes of lamp parts and came up with several
vintage brass pieces that had the most perfect patina.

Like a mad scientist, he feverishly worked to assemble his
assortment of gadgets.

The resulting contraption was undeniably futuristic!

Once he added the necessary components to make his creation functional
an electrical cord, a harp, and a lampshade that was nowhere near as cool
as the last one—the creation came to rest
on the old table near our front door.

I suppose it can rest there awhile—until we can find it a new home.

For though I appreciate the artistic talent that went into this piece, somehow, 
it really doesn't quite fit the look I'm going for
in my tiny cottage farmhouse.   ; )

I'll be linking this funky junk creation to:


  1. Hee Hee! That's funky, for sure! So ingenious...I love it! :)

    Have a wonderful ViNtAgE tHiNgIe ThUrSdAy!!


  2. Really interesting how things can be made from scraps or ordinary things. Love that lamp. Have a great VTT!

  3. Wow! What a cool lamp! Donna from Funky Junk would love it too :)

    I've not linked before, so I'm excited to participate...thanks for hosting!

  4. Wow, now that is some seriously cool funky junk. The Yankee did an excellent job. I am loving it for sure. Thank you for hosting.

  5. That is definitely futuristic in an H.G. Wells kinda way. I can see it taking off and shooting into the heavens.

  6. That is a far out lamp! The Yankee has a great imagination and talent to see the project throught!

    Happy VTT!

  7. Fabulously funky lamp! Definitely futuristic!

  8. I've just found your site. It's lovely! I'll definitely be back for one of yourlink parties.

    I'm your new follower!

  9. Now that is "one-of-a-kind". Definitely "funky". I bet the Yankee had a great time putting it together. Somehow looking at it, I think your term "mad scientist" is right. :-)

  10. Hi Liz! Nice to "meet" you! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my mustard makeover! I'm very excited to be a featured post! I would love to join in on your parties each week! Thanks again.

    - Amanda

  11. Great creation. Has a steampunk feel to it....I have no doubt you could market and easily sell it that way!!!

  12. That's a lamp you don't see every day!! I really like unique things like this. Great job hubby.

  13. That is too cute, love it! It's very much like a space rocket, waiting for blast off, so much fun!

    Happy VTT,


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