Saturday, September 11, 2010


Remembering September 11, 2001

Remembering the nearly three thousand innocent
men, women, and children who died—

Remembering the numerous unsung heros who
responded to the emergency—


police officers...

emergency rescue workers...

all banches of the US military.

And remembering those who continue to put their lives on
the line daily to protect us-


Police Sgt. Joe O'Donnell (my brother-in-law)

Firefighter Lt. John Harrington (my brother-in-law)

And thank you to all the other dedicated US men and women, at home and abroad,
 who have committed their lives to serve and protect.

May God bless you and keep you in His loving care!

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  1. What an absolutley beautiful post. Thank you for sharing my friend!

  2. Nine years later, I am still in shock that such a horrific event happened to this wonderful country! My heart still aches for the people that suffered,and those that still suffer as a result of these MONSTERS. There were and still are so many heros that give without any regard to their own lives. A career that takes a very special person and we should thank them EVERY DAY. GOD BLESS those who lost a loved one on 9/11. GOD BLESS those who continue to serve this country, be it as a branch of our military, our law enforcement, our firefighters and all our emergency resue workers. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!

  3. Bless your dear BIL's for their bravery during 9/11 and as always. Sorry for the error in my last comment.


  4. I' still can't even look at those images ...
    It's surreal ...
    may all be praised who did ANYTHING to help

    p.s. thanks for following!

  5. I remember.

    Happy Blue Monday! Check out my book giveaway.

  6. i would love for those blue lights to shine every day. so simple, so pure. We will never forget.

  7. I remember...and will forever.

    Hope you are doing good...haven't seen you around for awhile. Thanks so much for coming by.

  8. Beautiful and touching post. That first photo is really something. Happy Blue Monday!

  9. wonderful post, thank you for sharing and say Thank you to your brothers -in -law for their service. My oldest son just returned home from his deployment to Iraq, so proud and relieved to have him home! Have a lovely pink saturday!

  10. Thanks to those who sacrificed and still serving the country for the good of all!

    My Pink is at my Nostalgic Marveling blog, hope you can visit. Thanks and have a blessed day!

  11. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Thank your BIL's for their service. My son was servicing in the AF at the time. (reserves now) He went to Afhganistan soon after. In his call to me before he left he said, "Mom I need to step on the enemy's land to keep the USA safe fro my mom and my sisters". Yes, he came home safely.
    We can never forget the sacrifices others have made. Thank you again for this beautiful post.

  12. A very touching post. Thank you. A day none of us will ever forget. God Bless America.

  13. A wonderful post honoring those who lost their lives and those who came to help with the rescue and the cleanup. Heroes in my mind and I will never forget. Thank you for your very touching post.
    God Bless America.

  14. Beautiful post. So sorry for your family's loss. Yet such a great tribute to these heroes.


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