Sunday, May 2, 2010

Liberty Revisited

The Yankee and I have returned home from Cameron, NC, where we just finished another show.  I thought I would share a few more of the fabulous finds featured at the Liberty Antiques Festival–from last weekend–before I launch into the more recent event.

One of the most prevalent colors I spotted on items at Liberty was aqua–in many variations.

If you remember, that was the color I saw most frequently at the Metrolina Big Classic.

Take a look at my last post, and you'll also see it in a number of different applications at this show.

I thought it looked simply fabulous on the plant stands above, on the adorable apron on the left...

and this cute vintage hat.

The last two pics above are from one of my very favorite booths at the Liberty show.


Deborah and Jeanne created such a wonderful space–absolutely brimming with girly items.  Hmmm. I'll bet that was one of the reasons it was one of my favorites!


Not only did they sell wonderful vintage pieces–like the aprons and hats–but their wares were displayed in such cute vignettes.

Don't you think the mannequins are just terrific?!

Their space was a total delight for the senses.

There was more incredible eye candy to see than I had time to take in. The music playing in the background was gloriously soothing.  There were sensational Yankee Candles perfuming the air, and a multitude of vintage tactile surfaces to embrace–jewelry, hats, linens, aprons, scarves, and beautiful decorative items for the home.

After days spent in the sweltering heat–in the middle of a pasture–these ladies knew exactly what this lady needed to make her smile.


I know where I'll be taking my breaks during the fall show!

I think I'll share some of my favorites from the Liberty show at Mary's for Mosaic Monday.

And, there is plenty of blue to share at Smiling Sally for

 and splashes of red to share at Work of the Poet for Ruby Tuesday.


  1. I have been there before. What a great place for treasures and eye candy. Love all of your images!

  2. So up my alley! Love the stuff, especially the painted wicker. Those hats would have been perfect for Derby Day this weekend.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to spend a day.

  4. Goodness! I would have had such a fantastic time there!!
    Interesting that it is now called aqua. Remember when it was turquoise and teal??

  5. Ooh...I just love the apron! Looks like such good treasures. : )
    Thanks for the great pictures~
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. Uppity Women ... Too cute! Love the aprons and the hats are fun. Wonderful mosaics. Thanks for taking us along with you!

  7. I love that green color and those hat heads, love at first sight!!! do you have some difficult people sometimes? I have maybe had 2 in the 9 years of the store, and tons of stories!

    Is this not the most fun...

  8. Fun photos. Plenty to make one smile.

    Hope you have a very lovely week.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  9. I love that name also!!! ...and those aprons...makes me want one!!! Great mosaics....
    Have a great week!!!

  10. Oooh, those hats, I am lusting after those hats! Great photos, thank you.

  11. Looks like a great place to find some treasures. Loved the photos! Have a great week!

  12. Love all those things.. I like going to those flea markets. the lady's laughing head is a hoot.. I would love to have purchased that!

  13. Oh how I would LOVE to go there! Thanks for sharing your wonderful images at MM. :)

  14. Heh. Wide-mouthed lady is hilarious.

  15. So many treasures... so little time... or is it so little money? Happy Blue Monday.

  16. Wish I lived close to that show! Nice stuff!~Patti

  17. Fun goodies! I love the aprons and the hats (and their models ;) Happy Blue Monday~

  18. Wish could have been there in person for your trip to the antique festival. However, I enjoyed it through your lens.

  19. wow what a nice festivities! :) thanks for sharing!

    u may view mine here

  20. OH! Wish I was closer!!

  21. I would have come home with that vintage aqua-colored hat. It's may favorite color and it looks great on me (and almost everyone). Plus I just adore hats.

  22. Wow...this is so awesome!! I would have absolutely LOVED this...the cutest things...
    hugs, bj

  23. Liz, thanks for dropping by! I wish I could take credit for the book wreath...alternatively, I get to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers. Linsday! Here's the link to her site and the directions for it.
    I've already started working on another one for either my daughter's room or ours...we have bookcases in every room, books on the floor, overflowing from the bookcases, in the crawlspace...and it was still hard to find a book to use! I'm going by my favorite used bookstore tomorrow to show it off! She's the one who gave me the original book to use.

  24. Looks like a grand treasure hunt - fun way to spend the day!


  25. Wow that's the place I like to go. Happy RRT!


  26. So great to see that show -- appreciate the post as it's good to see what's around and where. Hope you'll stop by if you have time. Jane F

  27. Love the laughing mannequin!


  28. What a wonderful tour! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Heisann!
    I discovered your blog via dargonfly. You have posts that correspond with my interests!
    Have a nice day!

  30. Brambleberry, such lovely things and I just love the sign for the Uppity Women boutique! :) Nice job!

  31. Your pictures put me in such a mood to go flea market shopping! Wish there was one close! Thanks for letting me shop with my eyes!

  32. I would have loved to have been able to go to that festival! I like anything that aqua color, and the name of the one booth, Uppity Women, is a hoot! What a fun life you're living!


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