Monday, May 24, 2010

Ask the Yankee - A New Brambleberry Cottage Weekly Event

You met my Yankee sweetheart a few months ago–when I first started my blog.

If you've read that post, you know he is quite the handyman.  He designs, creates, builds, constructs, remodels, refinishes, repurposes, slices, dices...OOPS!!!  I got a little carried away. 

OK, let's just say he can do virtually everything related to do-it-yourself projects.

He grew up in New England cutting his teeth on tools, as his family moved from one remodeling project to another. 

He was a shipbuilder and instructor in the Navy, has been a home remodeler for over thirty years, and has been refinishing, designing, creating and building furniture and accessories for fifteen years. 

Needless to say, he has lots of experience and know-how in the area of DIY.

From reading many of your blogs, and all of the wonderful comments you've left on mine, there are a few things that have become apparent. 

Not everyone has such a knowledgeable handyman living under their roof,


even the best of  us DIY mavens get stumped with our projects at times.


I've come up with the perfect solution–a weekly linky event where you can get your toughest, most challenging, oft-frustrating questions answered.

Want to know if there is an easier way to get your project done, which tools to use for the best results, how to get from the idea stage to the end result, etc.?

Then this event is for you!

It will be like having your very own Yankee.  Well, sort of.  ; ) 

Here are the details: 
  • Starting Monday night, June 7th, you can link into a Q & A with the Yankee. 
  • The link will be up by 9pm on Monday nights.
  • Just leave your question in the comment section of my post for Ask the Yankee each week, and place the event button on your sidebar.  
  • Or, create a post on your blog addressing your question, showing others where you're stuck in your project, and link back to this specific Brambleberry Cottage event.
  • If you link up with a post, please make sure your link is to a direct post and not your main blog.
  • A few of you will be featured the following week in that week's Ask the Yankee post, and I'll include a link back to your featured post.
So...are you ready to Ask the Yankee?


  1. I anxiously await the Yankee's linky party! I think it will be a real learning experience for all of us.
    Thanks for thinking of it and hosting.
    Have a wonderful week.
    The Tattered Tassel

  2. What a charming idea! We don't have any projects going at the moment except the garden, but I'll be looking in to see what's in progress.

    And how I wish we'd had a guru like him last night, when we were wrestling with a RO filtration system---just changing out the filters---at midnight!

  3. What a nice idea. And, are you lucky he'll do it. He even let you put his handsome face out there. My Car Guy...Jim....won't let a photo of any kind out there. He just wants to be the guy under the hood. The only time he was interested in my blog was when he helped..mind you...helped do the Nascar can see it here
    Oh well..can't wait to see your posts. I'm sure they'll be very informative and he'll have fun.

  4. I think this is a great idea. No, I don't have a Yankee around and really never have. However...I have had "wannabe's" and that is good enough for me. It has to be! :)
    I have men in the "family" that can do anything, thank you can see by the total redo of our home recently. suffering here. I love your blog! And now you are offering this. Both Sweet Husband and I are going to love this. We can use all the help we can get! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this..

  5. How nice of you to promote her blog..or rather THEIR blog as both of these wonderful folks are helping others.
    I have had Brambleberry Cottage on my list for some time now. Nice folks for certain! I love that blog!

  6. Melody, your hubby would love my hometown. I'm originally from "Earnhardt" country and most of my family still lives there.

    You can't travel anywhere in that city without a street, business, or something named after him. And there's a larger than life statue of him in the middle of downtown.

    My son often gets mistaken for Dale Jr. When I post about my son, in the future, you'll have to decide that one for yourself.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Liz @ BbC

  7. I loved reading the older post about your husband and all the wonderful furniture he's made!
    I look forward to your link parties!


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