Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Worth the Wait

Framed Vintage Button Art
By now, I know you must think me to be a terrible, teasing tormentor. 

I'm not...really!!!

Vintage Half Doll / Vintage Millinery / Vintage Bead Strands
While I did want to create a little suspense, I had no intention of stretching things out this far. 

I promise!!!

Silver Plate Tea Tin / Gerity Silver Plate Serving Set
I have a really good explanation for why it has taken so long for me to get the giveaway goods posted. 

 Honest...I do!!!

Vintage Shell Pink Butterfly Dish / Lovely Linen Piece
As you  know, the Yankee and I have been traveling—for weeks now—doing antiques and collectibles shows.

Vintage Molds / Rusty Iron Piece / A Brambleberry Cottage Beaded-Board Box
Between shows, we are scouting out new items to sell—or at least, the components to create new items—from some of our favorite spots. 

You know the places I'm referring to.  

I've shared them before:  Cline's, Lexington Flea Market, and even the locations where we've done shows—like The Big Classic, as well as, several others I will be posting about later.

Mini Vintage Whisk Broom
After each show, we have to pack up any items we've not sold, load them on the truck, and take them back to be stored until the next show.

1920s Sheet Music
But, the venue of a show dictates which items we are able to take with us each time. 

And, not every category of item can be sold at every show.

T.J. Maxx Metal Heart
So, after each show, we attempt to repack any leftover items with the next show in mind.

1930s Teacher Magazines
When I decided to do this giveaway—to celebrate my birthday with you—I began to set aside specific items from our various excursions to include in the giveaway.

Vintage Skeleton Keys / 1980s Necklace Beads / Old Stock, New Cigar Labels
After packing up the goods from a handful of shows—some of which involved a harried, hurried packing to beat the rain—many of the giveaway items got mixed up with the show items.

Vintage Valentine Cards
My original intent was to tease you just until Saturday night or Sunday morning—when I returned home from this last show.

I promise; It was meant to tease, not torture!

Vintage Valentine Envelope / Vintage Easter Postcard
You can imagine my panic when I arrived home Saturday evening and couldn't locate half of the items I was including in the giveaway!

Vintage Jewelry Pieces
I have spent the past few days, unloading the truck and pouring through boxes of packed goods, desperately seeking the treasures I bought—with you in mind.

A Pair of Vintage Glass Knobs

I am delighted to say...
they're all accounted for! 


Take a  look just below each image, and you'll see—in smaller print—the goodies the winner of this special giveaway will receive.

Now tell me.  Was it worth the wait?

Am I forgiven?  ; )

I'm sharing all these wonderful vintage treasures at Diane's for 2nd Time Around Tuesday,

at Suzanne's for Vintage Thingie Thursday,  
and at Leigh's for Thrifty Thursday.

And there's plenty of red, so I'll also share at Rednesday.


  1. Oh so much beautiful goodies, and yes it was worth the wait.You are soooo forgiven,lol.

  2. You lead a very hectic life, and I am glad you found all of your giveaway goodies. Everything looks awesome!!


  3. So many wonderful goodies. Of course you are forgiven..hehehe..

  4. I love EVERYTHING!!!! You have really beautiful stuff

  5. Well, of course it was worth the wait!! But, I was beginning to wonder if you were ever coming back to all of us that were patiently waiting!
    Forgiven, of course. :)
    I do hope your shows and hunts were productive and profitable.
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. What lovely things you found! I'm jealous of the places you have to shop/hunt for goodies. We don't seem to have any of those near us.

  7. Oh yes, you are well and truly forgiven. So many wonderful little treasures, wow.

  8. OMG - what a lovely collection of fab goodies! It sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy!!

  9. So many pretty things! Glass door knobs... when I bought my house they were on each interior door, I didn't notice until well after closing that she had changed them all out. Oh, not a happy moment!

  10. Everything is absolutely beautiful! It was so very much worth the wait!! There's nothing to forgive you for in my book! I didn't mind the wait.. It just made me be all that much more curious as to what might be in your giveaway! I'd say you've done great with how busy you were and the rainy weather and all!

    Have a wonderful day!


  11. I love the molds and door knobs. My parents house in N.C. still has those knobs on all the doors. Hope you had fun in your travels.

  12. Amazing goodies! I am sure you had a marvelous time on your outings!! So much fun that type of things your giveaway! Have a great VTT!

  13. What a lovely little pile of treasure. I am glad you were able to find it all. I hope I win.

  14. You are forgiven! Love it all, but the glass knobs are my favorite. Blessings, Vicky

  15. I'm back to have another looksy! So many lovely things.

  16. What a fantastic assortment of vintage goodies! I especially love the button art. Thanks so much for your generous give-away, and the opportunity to win something so pretty.
    Warmest regards,

  17. Love your finds, awesome photos too!

  18. Oh wow that's a lot of give aways!! Happy weekend!

    VTT~Old Book

  19. I am mystified by the giveaway business! I don't really understand why they are so popular.

  20. Oh wow, that's quite a giveaway there! Everything is lovely!!!

  21. WOW!!! Everything is beautiful. Sounds like you had a good excuse :), what a hectic life.

  22. Most definatley forgiven!!!

  23. Yes, it's a wonderful collection of goodies!! I love that little silver tea tin!!!!!!

  24. I love all your pretty things..those molds and the pretty vintage linen piece would have to be my favorites.....but everything is wonderful.

  25. Such lovely treasures!


  26. OMGosh what GORGEOUS eye candy!! oh YES it was definitely worth the wait!!
    btw i collect vintage porcelain half dolls..i would love to add her to my collection :) x

  27. I love those glass knobs!!

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Goofy hubby here, jonesin' for wife points via contests for artsy craftsy goodies.

    Nice bundle there!

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  30. I'm sorry that you had to dig through all of those boxes, but boy am I glad you did! What an amazing assortment of goodies, for such an awesome giveaway!
    Happy VTT!

  31. Are you forgiven? What! I not only forgive you I LOVE you! Those items are wonderful and it would be a pure joy to win even one of them let alone all of them.


  32. I know your giveaway is going to be sooo awesome!!


  33. Living with Lindsay is where I got the turtorial for the book wreath. I wish that I had seen it first. OTOH, I get to introduce you to a favorite blogger!

  34. Going from show to show sounds like it is complicated and ALOT of work! So glad you love what you do! And so glad you found all the bits and baubles for the giveaway! Can't wait to win! (lol)

  35. wonderful goodies!! love it all.

  36. Holy Cow! What wonderful items. I'm getting cramps tho having my legs, arms, toes, and fingers crossed..hehe

  37. Oh, my gosh! It looks like you're giving away the whole store! You're so generous!

  38. My goodness gracious!! So many beautiful things you have shown us I don't even know what to say so I will make it short....... Everything is just luscious!!

  39. ooooooooh!! I love each and every item you've pictured but the mother of pearl buttons are really giving me shivers! Love 'em!!

  40. Oh' My Goodness....a girl after my own heart! What a bounty of treasures you're sharing. I've got everything I know of crossed right now. I'm so glad I found out about your giveaway before it was too late.

    Be blessed....Tracy :)

  41. So many wonderful treasures. Great giveaway:)
    Hugs, Biljana

  42. The classic keys are a beautiful piece of decoration. I have something similar like that in my home.


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