Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Thrifty Fifty

I've been somewhat AWOL from blogging these past two months...but with good cause.

Ten years ago, the Yankee and I laid down the mantle of an antiques and collectibles business to devote our time and attention completely to our children. 

Well, we've decided to pick that mantle back up and take our show on the road.

For the weeks that you've not heard much from me, I've been traveling around NC, with my Yankee sweetheart, reestablishing the business. 

And when he and I are not actually in the midst of a show, we're busily buying, repairing, refinishing, creating, and preparing for those shows–often from sunup to sundown. 

Those of you in this business, or one of a similar nature, understand how time consuming such an endeavor is.

I've been taking lots of pictures to share our travels–and our projects–with you, like the ones I took at the Charlotte Metrolina for the Big Classic Show

But taking pictures is one thing, while preparing them, and the text, for a post is quite another.

Rather than go back two months, I thought I would start with our most recent activities and sprinkle the others in, here and there, over the next week or so.

Revisiting our old haunts–like Cline's Antiques and Collectibles–in search of treasures to sell (or keep, when they're just to terrific to give up), has been loads of fun. 

Want to see another of our favorite hunting grounds? 

Well, actually, you've already been looking at pics from part of it. 

The gorgeous shrubs and plants shown above are just some of the fabulous finds at the Lexington Flea Market.

I thought I would show you the pretty part of this market first, 'cause the rest ain't so pretty!

Only dumpster-diving, thrift-store-plundering, yard-sale-seeking individuals need attend. 

I think the online blurb describes this place the best:

"Davidson Farmers Livestock & Flea Market. Old Highway 64. Market open all day Tuesday and half day Wednesday. Ample parking. Used merchandise, garage sale items, treasures & trash, farm items, lots of tack, new merchandise, pre-packaged food, clothing, house wares, produce, livestock, pets. Food available, restrooms. Lots of walking."

The highlighted items are what we seek out, but, more often than not, we have to dig through tons of the other items listed, in order to find them. 

But hey...what's a little digging around in the dirt to unearth treasure?  Am I right?!  ; )

There are no fancy-schmancy store fronts here. 

People sell from the shanty-like buildings you see in the images above, and from under tents, beneath the trees and from cars, trucks, vans...and even horse trailers.

Sometimes the best goods are still waiting to be unloaded. 

I'm not the least bit bashful.  So, often, I'll ask if I can poke around in the back of the truck.  Most folks are good-natured about it and let me look. 

After all, they're there to sell.

As I was walking down this particular aisle, something caught my eye, and I knew I would have to go in for a closer look. 

Nope, not the white shelf–although it was cute enough.

And, it was definitely not all this brown, brown, brown furniture!

Look further that glorious ocean of blue. 

I'm not a milk glass collector, per se, though I do have a few pieces around the cottage.  But that blue was just the most fabulous shade!  And, yep...I found a treasure there! 

Yet another way that the Yankee and I differ is in our methods of "picking" in an environment like this. 

So, we usually just kiss goodbye at the gate and go our separate ways–only to meet up later with our finds.

If we were pieces of equipment, I'd have to say he's a scanner and I'm a microscope. 

While he's out doing a quick sweep for the bigger pieces, I'm down on the ground scrounging through boxes, buckets, crates, etc. looking for those smaller treasures.

For instance, I spied these soda crates and plastic containers–spilling over with the most wonderful vintage, chippy, rusty, crusty hardware–down on the ground behind loads of larger pieces.

A quick scan would not have unearthed these beauties!

Sometimes the treasure at this market is in plain view–as was the case with all this beautiful jewelry.

Though some of it was displayed in such a way as to accommodate a brief look...

much of it required a bit more plundering than I had time for on this visit.

So, what did my little treasure hunt produce, you're asking?

Three old farm implements–$8.00,

and an awesome assortment of vintage glass, plus two wonderful old pieces of millinery–to be used in future projects that I'll show you later–$8.50.

By the way, remember that ocean of blue I was so crazy over?  I scored this little guy for three bucks–because he had flown the coop...leaving his nest the vendor knew not where. 

I have such special plans for this beautiul blue birdie.  ; )

I also uncovered this quaint cache of country charm–shown in the two photos above–from various spots around the market–$10.00.

This lovely little vintage lamp and shade doesn't offer much to coo about– in her present state...

but I have an idea that will bring out her inner beauty–$3.00.

Without a doubt, these next two finds were the ones I was most delighted to discover.

This incredible vintage cart with its wonderful old time-worn wooden handle and wheels–$10.00.

Even with its imperfections, I think it's just the greatest.

And check this out!

The vendor told me that this is most likely a rack for hanging small game on.

Note the sharp pointy hooks.

OK, so that feature will have to be corrected before it can be used as a coat / hat rack, but it was the unbelieveable patina of this piece that sold me, anyway.

And the price for this awesomely aged aquisition–$10.00.

Grand total for my fabulous flea market finds...$49.50. 

Yes, I know that's not exactly $50.00.  But, what can you buy for fifty cents?

The truth is, at the Lexington Flea Market, fifty cents can buy a treasure–or two–if you've got the time to dig them out.

Now, I'm going to show off all my wonderful vintage thingies at


  1. OMG! I'm so jealous! What an amazing place. You scored big time for so little! Good for you!!!

  2. Holy!!! This is such a great post, wish I was with you. How fun!!!

  3. great finds! I want to come next time!

  4. Awesome. So, you are traveling through NC huh? I live here and have a big show May 1st. Have you ever done Cameron Day? You might enjoy it.
    Please keep sharing where you go to find "stuff" as I am getting into this business too - slowly. Last child hits kindergarten in July.

  5. I am sooooo jealous too...sooooo many finds...looks like soooo much FUN!!!

  6. Lovely and you're forgiven for being AWOL since you more than made up for it with these photos.

    I have a soft spot for those vintage carts on wheels. They're beautiful and so useful.

    All joys and stay in touch!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. That would be an overload to my mind, Liz! It must be difficult to decide what to get, knowing that you can only get so many pieces and spend so much.

  8. My oh my, How fabulous! I love it all. I think blue milk glass is wonderful. I would love that cart too. Love it all!!

  9. Everything you got is fantastic, Liz!! I love the cart and I think your coat hanger thingie is going to be great {if you can forget what it was used for in a previous life!}.


  10. Oh I so heart that wicker cart! Victorian Trading company sells a reproduction for around $160... I am always drooloing over it! Yours though takes the cake!! Gorgeous!

  11. Pea green with did it again..
    my mouth is wide open and drooling!

  12. Holy Guacomole!! What a fantastic place to hunt. You scored some great finds, that cart is darling!

  13. Oh, you make me so anxious for the flea market season to really kick in! You found so many amazing things, and you're really living one of my dreams, which is so travel around the country finding great things and then selling them at shows. It does sound like alot of work, but alot of fun too. I have one of those old carts that I bought ages ago, and I have never been able to figure out what to do with it. Do you have any ideas? Any would be greatly appreciated!
    Happy VTT!

  14. I agree with you that you have to dig for the best treasures. That's exactly how my yard sale adventure went last week. Isn't it fun?

  15. I love that basket with the wheels.

  16. Some great finds! Good luck on your business! Beautiful azaleas.

  17. How I would love to be doing what you're getting back into.I know it's a lot of work but so much fun as well. All the pieces you're shown are just wonderful..I specially loved those glass doorknobs and the wicker cart. Happy VTT..have a great weekend.

  18. My heart is a flutter! That's my kind of place to spend a day exploring. Don't you love when you find something great?

  19. Wow! What finds~ Beautiful cart! I didn't know about Lexington Flea Market, we're just a hop, skip & jump away. I haven't been to Cline's in about 5 years, and was amazed at the sheer volume of stuff he has!

  20. Oh, I have a feeling I might have spent a few dollars more..what an amazing kind of place. What great finds you have there! love the bird too, the color is so pretty. Have a great Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  21. My mouth has been hanging open the whole time I was reading! You got so many great things I want to fly down to NC and buy them from you. Hope you'll share the lamp makeover with us, I love that glass base. It would look so gorgeous in a lady's boudoir!

  22. Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! That's all I'm saying...

  23. Wow! Totally amazing. What a fun place.


  24. omg im moving to NC this yr! i cant wait to go!!!thank you SO much for sharing!
    found you from Vintage Thingies Thursday!!!

  25. Interesting tour to a world quite unknown to me. I think I would be a microscope type!

  26. Wonderful finds! I can't decide which is my favorite-maybe that basket cart! Thanks for sharing-the flower photos were just breathtaking.

  27. WOW! What a wonderful market, and you scored some excellent bargains! I'm in love with the glass lamp - can't wait to see what you do with it!

  28. What fun! I miss doing this but my back got so bad and then surgery so I had to quit. Good luck starting over!

  29. What a wonderful virtual flea market shopping trip! I love that lamp, especially the shape of the shade. That vintage wicker shopping basket is charming. I have a new reproduction like it. I have not been to your blog before, but now I am your newest follower because I don't want to miss any of your future posts!!

    Susan and Bentley

  30. I would love to go diving there. I would have so much fun.

  31. That would be the perfect place for me to shop. I use old farm blades to make sunflowers for gardens. You found some exraordiary items. Good luck on your returning endeavor.

  32. you might could bring the 50 cents to a garage sale and get something?? lol

    Your flea pickin' reminds me of Canton trade days here in Texas. TFS!

  33. Wow! Looks like a great flea market to find wonderful treasures. :)

  34. My eye would have gone to the aqua glass too. Then all that silver jewelry to paw over. I'm green with envy.

  35. Saw two ( at least) Eastlake type of things I would love to of been there to take home. Brass stuff...just love it.

    What a fun place to shop...could find almost ANYTHING I would think.


  36. I love going to flea markets and finding all kinds of pretties!! There sure are alot of them here!


  37. I am drooling here! I love all that jewelry and the blue milk glass! Oh My Goodness! Thank you for sharing. My hubby lost his mom and we just got back into town so I missed the link today. I had posted my vintage lines and so...I hope you will stop by. Have a great weekend. Anne

  38. My Dad went to the Flea Market but I work and can't go on Tues. and Wed. but since schools out I'm sure to make my way before Summer is over:)


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