Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Glass Act

I'm still busily sorting through my stashes of stuff and trying to decide what to keep
and what to pass on.

The problem is...
when the time comes to put something in the "this must go" bin,
I hedge.  Afterall, I bought the stuff because I liked it!

Case in point...
my little brass and glass display boxes.

I've had many of them for a very long time, and though they had the most wonderful
timeworn patina when I purchased them, it has become even
richer, warmer, and more fabulous over the years.

See what I mean!

Because each of these little dandies is at a different stage of the aging process, the
varied hues of the brass makes them all the more interesting, when grouped
 together in decorative vignettes.

Currently, four of them house a delightful assortment of found objects
from around the farm—like the bird's nest, egg, moss, lichen, snail shells, butterfly and
 twigs, in the three cases above.

One of the things I love about them is how they seem to elevate the most common
object—like this wasp nest—to a more
regal status.

What is it about putting something under glass that makes it appear more special?

I could take the exact same lovely elements from nature and set them on
this table without the brass and glass display pieces, and
they would instantly lose their appeal.

Perhaps that's why we love cloches so much.  They make the ordinary seem

Unfortunately, it's this very line of reasoning that keeps me in a constant quandry!

How can I part with something that makes something else
I own look so good?   ; )

So what do you think?
Should they stay or should they go?

and Tammy's Anything Goes.


  1. I think they are lovely and I too would have a very hard time parting with them.

    Decisions, Decisions......Good Luck!

    Have a wonderful evening,
    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. They are all lovely I couldnt part with any of them ! Tuff decision!

  3. They should stay! No question about it....

  4. Liz; love, love these ideas and could kick myself cause I just sold six of these in different shapes/sizes at my booth. Loving the natural objects display; perfect.

  5. Hi i am new here, those are very beautiful. There's a lot of those things in the tropics (here) and i never thought they would be lovely in those settings. If they will be done here, they will not look as amazing, especially that wasp nest! I have those rock eggs like the first photo but they just sit there together in a bowl. Yours made them so very delicate and natural-looking.

  6. love your pics! lovely- keep!


  7. I think this collection gave you joy as you created them with objects that you love. They delight and intrigue the eye. Who would want to let that go? They are fabulous, enjoy them!

  8. You must keep them! They're too pretty to go:)

  9. I love those little brass display cases. I started collecting some last year. I put seashells, moss and lots of other goods. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I love them, Liz, and I'd keep them! I was thinking how they are like a cloche or terrarium in the first two pictures. I think they work marvelously to showcase your pieces. I consider these a two-fer ~ the boxes themselves and the fact that they showcase something else.

  11. Keep one or two and let the others go; this way you can still keep your favorite one! What are you going to do with everything in the "this must go" bin? I'm guessing many other readers have this same question. You have such lovely things :-)

  12. haahhaaa...I have a whole, walk in closet full of things I bought because I loved, I MUST part with some of them...after all, a girl needs room for MORE found and loved treasures. :))

  13. No quandary my dear, keep them all. I am loving all the elements from nature that you added to each box. That's what gives it such a wonderful appeal. You have a wonderful blog!

    Paula, your newest follower

  14. It's a tough decision and a lovely display. I have had one of these forever and never thought to put something sweet and treasured in it...other than the old photo of my gram. Thanks for the ideas.

  15. They should STAY!!!! Sweet Liz...what brings us pleasure must stay ~ and you are so right, any simply object, when placed under glass become important!! I love these little glass cases too ~ I only have one small one but love it so. Pick something else to destash :) Have a wonderful weekend, hugs and love, Dawn

  16. I'm afraid I would keep them, as I collect them too! Yours are a sweet little size. Love what you've collected and displayed in them.

  17. If you love them, they should stay :) I love that wasps' nest. I have a thing for natural elements. I just added a pretty little cardinals' nest to my mantle.

  18. I have one of those little boxes at my antique booth & I am racing up there tomorrow to get it and bring it home. Yours inspired me! Thanks, Tiff

  19. I would keep don't see them every day!

  20. I definitely think they should stay. Maybe, if you really need to downsize, you could keep one or two and pass on the rest? That would be hard for me to do. Love the fact that they even make a wasp's nest look like a piece of art.
    Cheryl at My Sister's Cottage

  21. I vote they stay... they really do make things look special and its a great way to call attention to nature's beautiful creations.

  22. LIZ!!! Hello there! Well, I like what you did here because I enjoy natural, organic décor mixed in with some elegance, and you have that going on right here!!! I have even thought of putting some ANTLERS in my great room, but the MISTA might complain!

    Dearest, thank you for visiting today. It is refreshing to have a new follower actually leave a comment and invite me back! I JUST JOINED YOUR SITE...I am a full-time teacher and I will returning back to school after Labor Day. I LOVE TO BLOG and I am pretty good about visiting all my blogs, but if I can't make it right away, just come and if you leave me a comment, I will visit for SURE! I have had a blast this summer just staying home and getting into my art....and meeting new blogger friends. But the crazy school year will challenge me to manage my time....let's see how I will pull this off!

    You have a lovely world, and I can see that the lovely women who have come by today are dear friends that I have come to know.

    Happy Sunday and your craft ideas are MARVELOUS!!! Anita

  23. Hello,
    I visited your blog today, and I thought it was so pretty and charming. The glass display boxes are such a creative idea, and I love the frame with the butterfly. I have always collected unique frames, and that one caught my eye. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would really enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your beautiful treasures. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  24. It is hard to get rid of the stuff we purchase because we liked it in the first place, as you said. I think you should keep them, they have many different uses.

  25. Your post is a timely find for me as I have been on the same "clearing out" project. I find the same stuggles - it's like old friends and you have a lot of old friends. I say keep them.

  26. This is a tough decision because they look so good the way you have them displayed. I'd have a hard time parting with those.
    It's so hard for me to part with something that's had its own place in the house. Once it comes into the house and it starts to grow on me, it's here to stay. Things that never make it past the garage are much easier to part with no matter how much I love them.

  27. Oh Liz, I just adore these! you have to keep them all the little treasures look so special. I'm featuring you on the next Vintage Inspiration Friday. Thanks so much for linking up! xo Debra


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