Monday, July 11, 2011

The Buddy System

By now, you know my barns are stuffed with STUFF.
My Yankee jokes that our little farm has become a Cline's starter kit.

Now for those of you who are new to the Brambleberry Cottage...
this IS NOT my farm.  It's Cline's Antiques and Collectibles
 and salvage yard!

Thank goodness, my situation is not nearly as bad as THAT;
but, believe me, it's bad enough!!! 
the Yankee and I decided it was time to start "unstuffing" the barns—
before someone nominated us to be candidates for
 the TV show Hoarders; )

I contacted a blogging buddy of mine, Tammy @ HOME FOR 6, to see if she was
interested in taking a look at the goods that had been culled from the barns,
thus far.

She was eager to oblige and ended up with quite a load of treasures
 from our "destash."

She even did a post about some of her fabulous finds from the Brambleberry Cottage.
And since Tammy does a show a couple of times a year,
it was a great way for her to increase her inventory,
before the next show.

This piece was very hard to let go of, because the Yankee and I had already invested so much
 time and energy in the transformation process.  Basically, when we first acquired it,
 it was just another nondescript,
vintage mirror frame...

that is, BEFORE its beautification.

We found it in one of Cline's barns, looking like this.
Then it came to reside in one of our barns—remaining the same way...
for quite a long while.

Even after the transformation evolved to the point you see it above, it sat around the
 cottage for a very long time unfinished.  The Yankee and I just could not come
to an agreement
as to how it should be completed...

so it was time to just SAY GOODBYE...

 to it, not each other.   ; )

Having a totally fresh perspective on the piece...
Tammy was able to put her creative finishing touches on it, in no time at all, 
and sell it at her spring show.

So, how's that for the buddy system?

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  1. I can't believe how many antique places i've seen on my way to VA, especially in KS. and MO. I'm so excited to start looking for treasures, something CA doesn't have to much of.


  2. Love those treasures!!!
    Love how she finished that piece too.

    barbara jean

  3. wow I wish I lived closer and could be your friend, I am sure I could find a home for some of your castoffs!

  4. Well, that worked out, Liz! Yes, I guess sometimes fresh eyes see what we don't anymore. I liked it just as you showed it and I like what Tammy added to it.

  5. Letting go is hard but refreshing and you get to start hording all over!;)

  6. Oh my gosh I would love to dig through all of your stuff ~ It looks wonderful!!!

  7. Oh what a treasure. Wish I lived down the road to come help you get rid of some of your things.

  8. Lucky Tammy! You have such great taste, I know she got some other really good stuff, too!

    Love what she did to finish that piece!
    I am hopping over to take a look!
    Have a delightful day!

  9. Don't you just love it...that everyone can see something different in a old piece? You both did fun things with it.
    Thanks, for sharing the 'junk'!

  10. Hi!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    I'm excited to visit your blog and be inspired!
    The buddy system is GREAT!!
    Have a wonderful evening and stop by for a visit when you get the time!
    Aledia @Plum Perfect

  11. Tammy is right; you DO have good taste! Love all the pieces she's inherited from you! I especially love the sewing drawers - I have seen many in the antique stores here in PA but for no less than $14 each, so I haven't bought any. Have you considered doing a giveaway on your blog for some of your unwanted treasures?!?!

  12. Wish I was closer because I'd love to "shop your barn". Seem like it's been slim pickens around here lately. I might need to convince my hubby we need to take a road trip.

    Happy junkin'!


  13. What great stuff. I would love to have been Tammy and get to go through all of those treasures.

  14. Ah, I would have a hard time letting go of this as well! But, it's so beautiful, I'm sure someone will soon be enjoying it in their home. Thanks for sharing at EBTKS! I love seeing the "regulars" each week!

  15. OMGoodness so lucky to be able to sort through all that stuff....wonderful chippy crusty rusty wonderful stuff!!


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