Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time Travel Thursday #40 - A Step in the "Left" Direction


Welcome to the 40th Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage.

Are you ready to do some time traveling?
Great—'cause time never stands still!

How would you feel about taking another little walk with me down the winding country road I live on?

First, let me remind you, I live in hill country, so while some of the stretch we'll travel will be flat, much of it will twist and turn and travel uphill and down.

But don't worry. I promise; I'll take it nice and slow, so you can leisurely take in the glorious sights and sounds...
and breath in the fresh country air. ; ) 

I dearly love all the picturesque scenery surrounding my quaint little cottage, and I want to share that breathtaking beauty with you—my friends!

Last month, you got a glimpse of some of the lovely landscape located to the right of my farm.  This time, our steps will take us in the opposite direction. 

My first neighbor, Ruth—down the road a bit from my place—isn't home, so I'm unable to introduce you this visit. 

But she's the sweet lady I told you about who took in our dog Frodo, a few years ago.

He abandoned us, shortly after we took him in, to go live with Ruth and her four other dogs.  He just couldn't resist the lure of so many "full-time playmates."

But he comes back often to visit —usually accompanied by at least one of those four-legged friends.

Ruth's sister, Doris, who lives on the next farm down, isn't home either.  But I'll call her fabulous equine beauties over and let you get a closer look.

Being able to pet these gorgeous creatures is one of the main reasons I enjoy walking in this direction.  Aren't they incredible?!

Awww!  I think I've embarrassed them—making over them so, in front of strangers.

As we round the next bend, past Pallie's house—yet another of Ruth's sisterswe're able to get a better panoramic view of some of the distant mountains. 

And though the trees in the foreground may fool you into thinking that this is an autumn scene, it's very much spring—as evidenced by the emerald green pastures in the midground.

Further down the road, we spot the old barn on Rhonda's farm.  Several knocks on her door without an answer indicate she's probably out riding one of her horses.

Cute little buildings like this one, on the opposite side of the road from Rhonda's place, are very common in my neck of the woods.  

Many were used as produce stands, at one point in time, but most stand empty now—just begging to be put to good use once again. 

I bet you could come up with more than a few creative possibilities for an over-sized dollhouse like that!  ; ) 

We've been walking for a while now.  Do you need to catch your breath?  Let's have a rest here on the bridge for a bit. 

I have an idea.  Why don't you close your eyes, and soak up the serenely soothing sound of the cool mountain water trickling lazily over these rocks. 

Ahhh!  Now isn't that the most incredibly relaxing sound?

If you think you're refreshed enough, we'll continue. 

As we venture around the curve and trek down the next hill, we spy this simple pole barn, just to our left.  

I love the way its straight lines contrast with the undulating hills of the landscape.

Besides beautifying the pasture it resides in, it also serves a practical purpose—as a place to keep the hay dry for these guys.

See all the brilliant greens of the pasture grasses that surround us?  That's a pleasant reminder that spring has most definitely sprung in these parts.

Wait!  Take a look behind you.  That is another of my very, very favorite country scenes

But since the Yankee and I STILL don't see eye to eye about my getting at least ONE cow, I have to live vicariously through my neighbors—who have an abundance of bovine beauties.

OK, now that we've reached this point of our journey—near the pair of ramshackle old barns at the end of the road—it's time to turn around and head back home.

See, I told you there were stretches of this road that were relatively flat.  Now all we have to do is head back up the hill to my little cottage farmhouse.

Of course...
what came down—you and I—must now go up! 

Hmmm.  Perhaps we'll take a few more breaks on the way back. 

What do ya think?  ; )

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  1. It's always a pleasure to join your fun party. Thanks for hosting. I know how hard it is to keep up with everything. I'm right there with you! Just want to say thank you for making the effort to host this party. I'm sure it's a lot of work.

  2. Thanks a bunch for hosting each week!!!

  3. Oh how I look forward to Time Travel Thursday on your wonderful blog!!!

  4. Thanks so much for putting the linky up anyway. I'll come back to see your post.
    xoxo bj

  5. Hi, It's me again, linking some tasty treats for you to enjoy! Thanks for hosting another great party!

  6. Thanks for hosting this fabulous party!!! xoxo

  7. Love your party!!! Thanks for hosting each week.
    ~ Julie

  8. Loved my visit to your beautiful blog.

  9. What inspiration to open the front door and head out for a walk, I sure wish I could join you. Your four legged friends are awesome, tell them I said hello. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party.........Please stop in for a visit anytime.......

    The French Hutch

  10. Great post and photos, thanks for sharing:-)
    Have a beautiful week, hugs Biljana

  11. What a beautiful relaxing walk in the country. I loved meeting your animal neighbors.


  12. What gorgeous countryside, that last shot is just amazing! Thanks for hosting! xo

  13. Beautiful country drive...thanks for taking me along was such a breath of fresh air :)
    I'm your newest follower, and will be looking forward to seeing more of your posts...
    Big hugs,

  14. Yankee's Wife: I don't think I joined in last week. I'm back in action today. I think you should buy the damn cow. LOL.

    xo J.

  15. Well I did enjoy my walk with you. The sounds of the trickling almost put me to sleep here at mid-day. Beautiful horses.

  16. Thanks for the beautiful photos of the countryside and thanks for hosting this great party!!!

  17. Hi! I sure love your blog and am delighted that you are promoting my giveaway! I have been so blown away by sweet bloggers, and have made so many new friends!! What a joy!

    Love where you live. We go up to Lake Junaluska every other year for my family reunion! A trip to the countryside is my idea of bliss!! We have some beautiful country space right here in central Florida, too! I may have to blog about it one day, too!

    Thanks again for entering my giveaway!
    Have a delightful day!
    I will be back often!! :o)

  18. I love the images of the barns and country roads. The old barns are vanishing from our countryside.

  19. Wow, I'm so happy this Yankee found you at Tracies Cottage Flora Thursday as your walk helped me keep up with my Leslie Simone walk that I have been neglecting. I might have lost that added # I gained. I have always wanted to live in North Carolina..Ashville would find me a happy resident for sure. I'm now following so I can dream on being a G.R.I.T.S.
    Happy Spring,

  20. Outstanding photos! Thanks for sharing and great party!

  21. Thanks for hosting and your lovely country shots
    Best Carolyn

  22. Visiting from Fishtail Cottage, lovely to see your pretty surroundings,and to find another linky party!

  23. what a lovely little journey. You are living my dream. I also always wanted a horse.
    thanks for taking us down your lovely country roads.

  24. The photos are so beautiful. I have horses and dogs and love them both. You are so blessed with all of this beauty around you. Thank you for letting us meet your neighbors! Blessings to you. sandi

  25. Wow--what a beautiful place to live. How blessed you are! Love looking at all these photos. Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love link party. Stop back this week & link again!

  26. How absolutely definitely relaxing. Thank you for having us walk-along.


  27. Thank you so very much for your sweet comments and for following my blog! I'm a long-time follower of yours (it was one of the very first blogs I "found" when I got into blogging!).

    Your photos here are stunning. They remind me of growing up on our farm!

    I am off to link to the party. Thanks again!



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