Friday, March 25, 2011

Funny Faux Pas Follies #4 - Paying it Back!

Welcome to week four of Funny Faux Pas Follies!

Are you ready to have some fun and enjoy a bit of light-hearted humor?
Great; then let's party!

Okay.  For three straight weeks, I've let you see my blundering side
But I thought I would take a different turn, for this party, and show you a side of
myself that doesn't surface very often—
the prankster.   ; )

And once again, this humorous little tale involves my
darling daughter, Asheley.

If you remember from last week, Asheley was a child who was in constant motion.
She really seemed to have only two speeds—high and off.
So traveling in a vehicle with Ashe, when she was young, was quite a challenge at times.

The old familiar, "are we there yet" began forming on her lips, almost
as soon as her seat belt clicked in—and often continued, until we arrived at our destination.

It actually got so bad on one long trip, I silently prayed, "Lord, would it be a sin if I
muzzled my child?" 
Just kidding—sort of!   ; )
Thankfully, it was just a phase, and, happily, one that she outgrew.


Now, fast forward to Ashe's senior year in high school.

She had been invited to spend spring break with the family of one
of her very best friends—Jake.

Jake and Ashe had been friends for a long time, and we had seen so much of him over
the years of their friendship, he was like a member of our family.

  As a matter of fact, he even tagged along with us, when it was time
to purchase a car for Asheley. 

And they even went to each other's separate school dances—as a couple.

Because we knew Jake so well, and were assured that his parents would uphold good
Christian values, we felt peace about sanctioning
this trip to the beach.

On the morning of Asheley's departure, her dad kissed her goodbye
and left for work.  I helped her finish packing and then prepared to take
her to Jake's family's home.

Shortly after arriving there, and after a few minutes of conversation with his parents,
I kissed Ashe, said goodbye, and told her to
call me as soon as she got to the beach cottage.

When I returned home, I was pleasantly surprised to find that hubby
had decided to take the day off, and had come back home,
so he and I could spend time together.

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I feel it necessary to preface the rest of the story with a disclaimer...
I'm not the prank-playing type

I'm actually considered to be the serious one of the bunch
by my family members.

But this 4 1/2 hour trip of Asheley's was just too tempting to pass up.  So I enlisted
hubby's help for a bit of payback.

It had been about twenty minutes since I had left Ashe off, but it had been hours
 since she had seen her dad.  To make her believe that he was still at work,
I had him use his cell phone to call to ask her if she was there yet—of course,
knowing full well, she was not.

Then about thirty minutes later, I called from home and asked her if she was there yet
Thirty minutes after that, hubby called from his cell again, to ask her if she was
there yet.

And so it went, for the entirety of Asheley's trip to the beach.

Well, except for the last 45 minutes or so—when mysteriously, Ashe couldn't be reached
on her cell phone.  lol

But we just patiently waited, until we knew that they had had plenty of time to
arrive at the beach cottage, and we called again.  This time Asheley answered.  Before I
could say a word, she said, "Yes, Mom!  I'm there!!!"
Hearing the intensity of the frustration in her voice, I decided to fill her in on the prank.
It took Ashe and Jake quite awhile before they could see the humor in my
"paying it back," for all those years of, "Are we there yet?"

But Jake's parents thought it was a hoot. 
Imagine that!   ; )


  1. So cute, I will have to keep that one in mind for my daughter! Ha!

  2. That is funny! Somehow they never seem to notice their traits in other people:)

  3. LOL - and it wasn't even April Fool's Day!

    Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy. I'm already a follower! :-)


  4. Hi there....just popped into your blog and loved the funny little story....that's cute! IMAGINE ....she didn't see the humour in that...LOL! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX. Come by and see me at my blog sometime...I'd love to have you!


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