Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Travel Thursday #29 - Movin' In A New Direction

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories.
Some take us forward, they're called dreams."
~Jeremy Irons~

Welcome to the 29th Time Travel Thursday linky party at the Brambleberry Cottage.
Are you ready to share your fondest memories, grandest dreams,
and most creative projects? Great!

By now, you know that our favorite projects around the cottage
 involve repurposing.  And until recently, the end products were 
almost always for home decorating.

what does an earring have to do with home décor, you might ask? 
The answer...nothing!

For months now...
 the Yankee and I have been doing some major purging
around here and, in so doing, have come across things that were "put away for
future projects"—a very long time ago.

As I started pulling some of these rediscovered items together, 
a theme began to emerge...
repurposed salvage jewelry!

I've had the vintage, brass link-chain necklace above for about fifteen years. 
With such wonderful features—like faceted chains of various types,
 a lobster clasp, and great patina—I'd kept it safely tucked away
 for a very special project.

And the single, silver and turquoise earring—in the first image—had been stored
for at least that many years, as well.

When I posed the idea of pulling my vintage jewelry bits and pieces
together, to create repurposed jewelry—along with some of our
other vintage salvage pieces, like the antique trunk hinge, above—
the Yankee thought it was a great idea.

And being the creative man that he is, he decided to go to work
 on a design all by himself.

with the vintage chain necklace, the single earring, and the hinge in hand, he began
scouring my other boxes of stored treasures
to complete his vision.

Another vintage link chain—separated to create several pieces of varied lengths—
a ball chain from an old lamp pull, a vintage prong-set,
black rhinestone bracelet...

and a few jump rings salvaged from an old belt...

provided him with everything he needed...

for his very first jewelry creation.

I think he did a fabulous job—especially since he has never made
a single piece of jewelry in his entire life!

After seeing how terrific this piece turned out, we've decided our creativity
may be movin' in a new direction.

Then there would be no need for several barns to store
all the bits and pieces necessary for our projects.

Then again...
the way we hold on to things, it may still take
a barn or two!!!   ; ) 

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  1. OMGosh, that man's got TALENT! That looks fab! He's got a whole new career! A lot less storage, more sittin' down...come on this is great! lol Have fun searching your barns!

  2. I LOVE your necklace! That's gorgeous!!!

  3. Wow!! He has a definite flare. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. WOW! That is quite extraordinary! Your Yankee is a reall creative man, I can't believe it, it's a great piece of jewelry! Congrats :)

  5. That's quite a guy you've got there! I shutter to think what my sweetie would have come up with!!

  6. I love your creation! Recreated jewelry seems to be quite the rage these days!

    Thanks so much for the visit, comment, and for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  7. Wow! This is gorgeous!!! And this is an awesome link party!!!

  8. Beautiful, this is a real treasure!

  9. Delicious re-purposed jewelry...just love it!
    Mel's Cabin is open and the coffee is hot, come on over.

  10. That is one talented guy! He has an eye for that sort of thing.

  11. That is so awesome...I would love to have something like that..looks a Steampunk it..


  12. Clearly, the jewels are fabulous. As are you.
    Keep it up!
    xo Jeanne.

  13. My...this is both unique and lovely...a wonderful piece of jewelry. Very creative, you will really enjoy wearing it. Thank you for hosting.(-:

  14. You and your husband both are very talented, creative people. I would never believe all those things would turn out a necklace that looked that. He needs to get into jewelry designing.

  15. Your husband did a fabulous job! Maybe one day we will see some actress wear one of his designs on the red carpet! I am excited about joining your party today. Can't wait to see what you two design next.

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Love,love,love the necklace!...great idea!

  17. What a beautiful piece! Great job~

  18. I love it! Very nice work. I have been trying more jewelry projects lately and this has inspired me to branch out a bit more!

  19. THis is amazing.....very creative! Happy VTT!

  20. That necklace is gorgeous! Your husband needs to open up an Etsy shop. ;-)

  21. As soon as I saw that hinge looking beauty, I knew this would be fantastic. Wow, he did such a great job. I can't even imagine what a piece of jewelry would look like in the hands of my husband:( This is why we have such a hard time throwing things away; ya just never know when inspiration will hit.

  22. wow, that is beautiful--I am in awe of your hubby's talent. Mine would look at these, say hmm, junk to throw away! Thanks so much for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  23. Wow Liz....that piece is beyond one of a kind!

    Take care,

  24. Love your "trash to treasure" necklace. Very inventive and stylish! Thanks for sharing!


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