Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be it Ever so Humble...

Well, the Yankee and I have finally found our way back to our humble little home! 

When we left around the middle of July–for the Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show–we estimated we'd be gone about two weeks–tops.  It's five weeks later, and we're just getting back. 

Did you miss me?  ; )

There are lots of fun things I want to share with you from my trip up north.  And you've actually already gotten a glimpse of some of the wonders of New England from the terrific old barns I showed you–during the Barn Chicks party.

Since I've received several e-mails, and a few comments, requesting a peek at the Brimfield show, I decided to make that the next thing on the agenda.

By now, you should know that when you see an image of festival tents in one of my posts, you're about to be shown some of the fabulous finds from the show I've done.

The area you see above was across the street from where I was set up.  There was something over there that really grabbed my attention. 

Can you guess what it might have been?

It was this amazing vintage pediment.  It kept calling to me until I finally paid it a visit.

And take a gander at these terrific architectural pieces that were right behind it!

As I walked a bit further down the street, I spotted this booth overflowing with the most incredible garden elements.

I was really quit smitten with this gorgeous fountain. 

But, I'm afraid it was a tad to grand for my little farmstead.

Without a doubt, this vendor had some of the most beautiful garden adornments I'd ever seen.

Walking around the various fields of vendors, I saw much of the same types of antiques and collectibles I see at every show I participate in.

But, I must say, this particular show also offered some rather unique–albeit quirky–items, as well.

For instance, this vendor had a tent full of oddities...
including these wax figures.

I truly like one-of-a-kind items, but these guys gave me the heebie-jeebies!

This is Erica...a real flesh and blood figure.  She was one of my friendly neighbors at the show.

I spent a lot of time ogling the sweet shabby pretties available in her tent.

She offered everything necessary to create an utterly romantic home décor.

This is Christina and Gallo...
two more of my wonderful neighbors from the show.

Their tent was totally packed with lovely, sophisticated pieces like those above and below.

Not only was I impressed with the beautiful, quality pieces they had for sale, but also with the fact that Gallo paints each of them himself.

Meet Tricia of the Red Door Antiques

She was set up in a different field than I was, but her tempting treasures lured me right to her tent, nonetheless.

The old chicken feeder-turned-dish rack she was selling was a little more befitting of a cottage farmhouse, wouldn't you agree?

And the cards in the back of Tricia's tent summed up one of the things I enjoy most about doing these shows–making "new" friends.

Indeed, we have made friends at each show we've participated in...including Brimfield.

we also experienced another very special treat while there.

Numerous vendors had told us that Brimfield is a show known for bringing out many among the "who's who" crowd.

We didn't really expect to see anyone famous at the summer show, however.  Traditionally, that's the slowest of the three shows presented there during the year.

See that little sticker?  Stickers, like that one, are placed on all the pieces purchased by...

 none other than...

Rachel Ashwell–the queen of Shabby Chic herself!

Yep.  That's right.  She visited our tent, and bought one of our pieces!

We were thrilled–considering the unbelievably large number of vendors she had to choose from.

We would have been excited just having her come into our tent.  But she actually liked our offerings enough to come inside...
and buy something!

Though I had created a lodge vignette (definitely not shabby chic) in a section of our space–using that table as the centerpiece–her keen decorator's eye homed right in on it. 

I'm not one to be starstruck.  But I must admit...
it sure was fun having someone famous buy one of our pieces!

I'll be sharing the pinks in these pics at Beverly's Pink Saturday.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful tour. I want that bunny sculpture in those first pics you showed. How exciting about Rachel A buying some of your stuff!

  2. Woow frankly I enjoyed these photos!
    Unfortunately, in Croatia there is no such fair and lovely things like these.
    Thank you for your nice post:)
    Zondra Art

  3. Wow, this looks like it would be so much fun to see! I'm so glad you had a good time, and a good sale! Can't wait to see what you brought back!

  4. That guy did have some fabulous garden things for sure. And there's Tricia, one of my Texas buds. I'll see her real soon. Lots of pretty things were there as I can tell from the pics. Happy Friday, T

  5. Hey Liz! I was wonderin if you got lost!?
    Thanks so much for tasking us along on your trip. We didn't even get to go on the Longest Yard Sale this year 8( Everything looks wonderful there. Congrats on the visit of the Queen of Shabby Chic and her purchase. Isn't funny...we may be rich, not-so-rich, famous, nobody...we all come together with the love....obsession.....need......for finding that special vintage piece. What is really hilarious when you wouldn't even recognize Charlie Daniels, The Judd girls, Clooney, or McConnaughey in a crowd in Tn or Ky when they come for small town auctions or street fairs back home. Well Charlie Daniels is easy..he'll pick up a fiddle at the drop of a hat :)

  6. Well, look at you ~ a brush with celebrity! : ) Welcome home, Liz, and I'm sure you're happy to be home now. There were some gorgeous things in those pictures. I would have had great difficulty in not buying them!

  7. good to have you *back*! love the chairs in Chritina & Gallio's tent! :)

  8. Glad you made it back safely and had a blast. Congrats on the celebrity buying your stuff. Maybe she'll pass your name around to her friends. I can't wait to see more pictures of your 5 week escapade. Like what did you do after the fair was done?

  9. What a wonderful show... how I wish I could attend one of those... everything looks fabulous... and Rachel Ashwell bought one of your pieces, how exciting! Love all of the garden decor... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Did we miss you..thats silly, Yes. Oh my I'm drooling over these photos!!

  11. Oh how I wish I could have been with you-so many things to see and buy-Happy PS!

  12. my first visit here via anne marie at na da farm....and that first picture of the red barn got me good !!!!! my mom and i used to come to this show from is mom passed away in 2006 and i haven't been back since....but thanks for the memories....


  13. It was so great meeting you! I want to thank you for the photos that you posted of my booth in Brimfield....that was very kind of you! Are you coming back in September? If you do, I will be moving to another field...Quaker Acres, so look me up. Email me if you need details! See you soon! Tricia

  14. Nice summary of Brimfield! This is my first visit here thanks to Tricia from Red Door. I met Tricia at Brimfield as well and share the love for the goodies she had at the Brimfield show as well as the Textile Show at the Sturbridge Host. Brimfield shows are favorites of ours and unlike many we especially like the summer show because it's a bit laid back and you actually get to talk to the vendors and get to know them! Thanks again and look forward to following more posts! Staci Shuck/

  15. Hello, Happy Pink Saturday, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
    Looks like a fun auction.
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  16. Thanks for the follow at Bizee Mama's Beauty Secrets! ... just love all the items in your pics! My kind of taste! Love the Shabby Chic look! Time Worn Elegance!
    aka Bizee Mama

  17. that really was exciting....seeing RA and having her buy from you. Now we can look for that fabulous table in one of her future books maybe. :) I am way late visiting for Pink Saturday. Hope it was a great one for you. xo Lynn @thevintagnest

  18. OH, how I want to go to a Brimfield show!! It just never works out that we can go. (and we live in New England, for shame, I know!)

    We MUST go someday!! Love your blog, just found it.


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