Friday, July 2, 2010

Fresh Picks - Part 2

Would you like to pick some delicious fresh fruit?  Great!  Then grab a basket, and come along with me.   

Together we'll continue our tour of the Brambleberry Cottage's organic orchard.  Feel free to take some wholesome goodness home with you.

In addition to the delectable plum, peach, pear, and cherry trees here at the cottage, we also have six varieties of apples...

 and more brambles of blackberries than you can begin to imagine.

The blossoms, in the images above, represent three different varieties of apple.

The abundance of rain, we've been blessed with this year, has the trees weighted heavily with their bounty.

A combination of Granny Smith and

Golden Delicious will make the best apple pies you've ever tasted.  But I'm afraid it will be a while longer before they're ripe enough to harvest.

Although, I do help myself to their tasty tartness, even now–especially after they've been cleansed by a gentle wash from heaven.

But, there's no need to wait for the blackberries to ripen.  Please fill your basket; there's plenty for everyone!

The brambles were loaded with pretty pink blossoms this spring.

I watched in wonderment as they faded and a bounty of berries began to appear.

Their rosy pinks...

quickly gave way to deep, vibrant reds.

Now there are more black than red.

Not only will they provide a yummy treat for you and me, but the woodland creatures delight in their presence, as well.

And that's OK.  I don't mind sharing.

Perhaps this little slice of heaven would have been better named Eden instead.

Showing my pretty pink blossoms and fruit at Tootsie's for Flaunt Your Flowers - Fertilizer Friday, Cindy's for Show and Tell, and Beverly's for Pink Saturday.


  1. The apples look great! So do your blackberries. I am growing blackberries too but mine have never produced heavily. Raspberries seem to do better in my garden. Enjoy a slice of pie or cobbler for me!

  2. YUM! and great photos too! We used to pick blackberries when my boys were small - they were located about a half hour's walk away from our house in the city - an abandoned farm property with buildings removed long ago. There were trails galore out there, and a couple old apple trees would provide a nice snack sometimes, as we'd hunt for butterflies and go wandering, wondering what the place looked like when it was a real farm - some fences still intact, sagging, with occasional fence posts collapsed, victims of termite damage through the years. Those blackberries made delicious pies which the boys were eager to help make AND eat - thanks for reminding me of their goodness, and the good ole daze...!

  3. Yum. I could sit out there all day and munch.

  4. I love apple blossoms... one of my favorite flowers! So beautiful!! And blackberries are one of my favorite foods!!! Did you make this post just for me? :-)

  5. Wow - you have certainly been blessed with nature's bounty. Just heavenly.

  6. Oh, fabulous, Apples mmmmm.....!


  7. Apple blossoms are heavenly!!! Great photos!!!! I remember picking blackberries when I was a thanks...but they are great to eat as long as someone else picks them!!! Tennessee chiggers are the worst!!!

  8. Your fruit and berries are looking delicious already! We have peach cherry plum and 2 kinds of apple growing here on the farm but the poor tree's have never been taken care of or watered regularly. Last year we had a deep late frost (before we moved in last June) which killed all the blossoms so there were no berries or fruit and no lilac blossoms. This year everything went crazy! We didn't spray though which was a mistake looking at the plums. But that's ok though as it was a learning experience and it will be better next year. Enjoy your fruit as it ripens and I look forward to seeing lots of goodies you've made with it! Have a wonderful 4th of July! Maura :)

  9. You lucky girl! Beautiful fruit and flowers too. Just delightful!!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Oh My!!! How very blessed you are to have all that at your backdoor!!! My husband would think he was in heaven!

  11. The apples are looking tart and blackberry jam. Oh heavenly, I think it is time for breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Nothing like homegrown fruit. Awaiting blackberry time here -- should be a good year! We get ours ,however, at the Farmer's Market!

  13. How delightful! Summer berries are my favorites.

  14. Can't have too many beautiful blooms! Or too many blackberries! ~~Rhonda :)

  15. It all looks delicious! I could use those blackberries for a cobbler:) Happy 4th!

  16. Beautiful, stunning pictures....and a gorgeous blog...full of eye glad that I stopped by..

    Have a HAPPY Fourth. Celebrate America!
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