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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timeless Treasures

Over the years, many of my home décor items have come and goneas I've moved from one style house to another.

Othersthose with a more timeless appealhave remained and have found their special places in each new dwelling.

For instance, I've had this French buffet and hutch for almost twenty years. 

It has worked beautifully in my last four homesan English Tudor, an English Cottage, a 50s ranch, and, at present, my tiny cottage farmhouse. 

Though the piece itself has looked the same over the years, the items displayed upon it have been in a constant state of flux.

These are the treasures it currently holds.

This vintage bakelite flatware is known as Butterscotch to collectors.

I've placed it in a large, vintage pressed glass pieceset atop an old restaurant china dessert plate, with an even older pie pan underneath.

Displayed in this old platter is part of my vintage silverplate creamer collection.

When I started collecting these beauties some years ago, I set a ceiling purchase price of five dollars per piece.

The most expensive one here is the one in the back$2.99, from a thrift store.  The least expensive, of the four, was only ninety-nine centsthe one on the right.

I love vintage buttons and have been collecting them for many, many years. 

I think the soft, creamy tones, of those displayed here, create a romantic look when coupled with the various shades of gray of the silverplate.

Behind the platter, I placed an ornate, vintage English ironstone lid.  It's an orphan I adopted, because I admired its sculptural quality.

The unique, octagonal framed print, beside the lid, was another thrift store score from long ago.  At only ninety-nine cents, it was a bargain I couldn't resist.

I actually have a project planned for it...that I hope to get to someday.  ;)

In this image, you can see another of my pretty orphaned English ironstone lids.

It's a complete mystery to the Yankee why I like to collect just lids.  

But then, much of what we women like is a mystery to men.  Am I right?

The thick coffee cups stacked on the shelf above are Buffalo restaurant china.  You just can't beat restaurant dinnerware for its durability.

On this part of the same shelf is another vintage platter, a William Adams and Sons English ironstone teapot, a vintage doily, the base to a miniature, antique oil lamp, a square ironstone dish, and a vintage tinblackened with age.

This shot gives you a glimpse of all the wonderful vintage and antique items displayed on the two uppermost shelves.

I used the soup tureenthat you see on the upper shelf of this shotin one of my tablescape posts.

The clear glass piece to the right of it is an old creamer.

On the shelf below is another vintage platter, two more pieces of English ironstonea William Adams and Sons water pitcher and a Johnson Brothers gravy boatanother vintage doily, and an antique cruet.

Years ago, the Yankee and I actually stood in frigid cold snowin the mountains of Tennesseeto garner that cruet at auction. 

On the opposite side of the shelf are two other Johnson Brothers ironstone piecesa plate and a small pitcher holding silverplate flatwarea French creamer, and a vintage bird print. 

The gorgeous, vintage transferware gravy boat is one of my favorites.  It's displayed atop an old doily, set on a vintage cake plate, atop a restaurant china dessert plate.

As you can see above, I'm fortunate to have two of those wonderful old French creamers.

And in this image, you get a better look at the clear glass one.

Behind itagainst, yet another, vintage platteris a chippy old applique.

The bird prints were framed when I found them.   But I removed them from their frames and placed them in the hutch like vintage cabinet cards.

The loving cup trophy was a fortuitous flea market find at only $12.00.

Now, if, after all this, you want to know what vintage goodness I have sitting on the top and tucked away at the very bottom of my buffet and hutch, you can take a look over here.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 4 - Straight to the Heart

What is Valentine's Day without hearts? By far, this one symbol outshines them all as a representation of love and devotion.

As I planned out this party–months ago–I thought of all the symbols one associates with Valentine's Day. I listed as many as I could think of and, from that list, chose fourteen to be the topics of the
Fourteen Days of Love.

I didn't give a great deal of thought to the fact that as the hostess of this little affair, I would have to have things to share for each day's topic.

Now, don't misunderstand. I knew I would be publishing a post
each day–hopefully, one filled with fun and creativity. I just had not taken stock of how many things I actually had around the cottage, or in my personal photo files, that would actually match those topics.

So…bear with me as I share what I could find related to hearts!

The day I was in Marshalls, I was a camera-clicking machine. After all, I figured I was already there–and they had lots of pretties–so, why not take lots of pictures.

I really liked this heart-shaped wire basket filled with roses. I even contemplated purchasing it and using the roses in my tablescape here.

They also had the basket in a different finish with solid pink roses. I liked the silver basket better, but preferred the other roses…so, I just passed on both of them.

I did think seriously about that cute serving set though. Then I decided that I wanted to go in a different direction with the look of my tablescape, so I nixed it as well. Hey, a girl can change her mind–right?!

But, I was very happy with the Valentine's dishes I was able to get–with all their pretty hearts and sweet pinkness! ; )

Though these ramekins were terribly cute additions to the dishes Marshalls had on display, I wanted something that would play well with all the crystal and glass that I would be using on my Valentine's table.

When I found these sweet little votive holders, I knew they would be perfect! I used them as salt cellars in the tablescape, and will later use them for their intended purpose.

After reading a lot of blogs, I've made a discovery.  Many of you love, love, love red! So…you should really shine tomorrow for the day's topic–Seeing Red.

I use very little red in my decorating–even at Christmas–but, Marshalls dedicated as much space to red Valentine items as they did pink.

Want to know why I'm such a fan of that chain of retail stores? They have a fabulous selection–at least in my area–at phenomenal prices. Their original prices are great, but their clearance section is awesome!

Honestly, that's the first place I check in each department. And they always have great bargains there!

These crystal napkin rings were reduced to $7.00. Can you make out the shape? Yep, hearts!

And this sweet little teapot was only $5.00–because it had blown its lid.

These whimsical Annalee mice would have been something I would have snapped up for my children when they were younger. Since our darling little granddaughter, Lana Lexie, is a bit too young for them right now,  I just took in all their cuteness and passed on by.

When I think of this holiday dedicated to love, I think of all those near and dear to me who have captured my heart.

This little blessing is at the top of the list!

OK...your turn to show your heart(s)!

Do you recall my tale of woe here, over those wonderful Valentine's dishes,
and how I was only able to find a few
when I returned to make my purchase?

I really wanted a number
of those cute heart-shaped ones. Alas, I could find but one!

Guess what the prize of the day is
that will be added to this week's giveaway?

You guessed right! 

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fourteen Days of Love - Day 3 - Pretty in Pink

We all know how popular this color is during the month of February,
but individual tastes determine whether it prevails in a home's décor all year long.

As I survey the cottage, I'm hard pressed to find much pink anywhere! My Yankee, being the man's man that he is, believes pink should be reserved for...little girls, flowers, and bubblegum.

Over the years, any cravings I've had for pink have been satisfied vicariously through my antiques and collectibles businesses.

I find something I really like, bring it home, display it for as long as the Yankee can tolerate it, and then–when he can stand it no more–I sell it.

For example…

When I bought this creamer and sugar pair, I thought I would be adding them to my personal collection.

I liked the way they looked perched atop my vintage pink cake stand–when entertaining friends over coffee.

And isn't this antique porcelain basket, with delicate pink roses, adorable?

Well…the stay here at the cottage for each of them was short lived!

This early 1900s lithograph–with its lovely Victorian lady and luscious pink roses–was totally captivating. Even the ravages of time had not detracted from her beauty.

But, I'm sorry to say…she has taken up
residence with someone else!

I did manage to keep these vintage dishcloths for awhile. Their cottagey-pink cuteness made me smile, each time I used them.

I had this Bavarian creamer and beautiful vintage plate for some time.

I thought of them as sweet, feminine additions to my china cabinet. I liked the way they introduced little splashes of color to
my white ironstone pieces.

They have since gone the way of eBay!

Remember this cute shabby table from my front porch? Gone!
But on the bright side…now I have a reason to redecorate my porch when the weather gets a little warmer! ; )

I do still have this pretty pink dish–with its romantic rococo scene. I like the way it teasingly peeks out of this vintage ironstone gravy boat displayed in my cabinet.

And I did get away with using a good deal of pink in my outdoor Valentine's tablescape. Remember seeing that serene setting here?
So, I suppose, until my beautiful cottage flowers start blooming in the spring, that pretty much sums up "pink" at the Brambleberry Cottage.
I can't wait for spring!

Then, I'll be able to sway gently in my hammock, admiring the gorgeous pink blossoms of my ornamental flowering cherry tree and dream of the delicate pink blooms of the impatiens I will once again plant.

Because, other than my flower garden,
there's only one place where the Yankee and I can always agree on pink…

on our precious granddaughter, Lana. She's always "pretty in pink"!

Now it's your turn to share your pink pretties–for decorating, crafting, collecting, gardening–or just something pink that warms your heart!

"Pretty in Pink" is a perfect post for Beverly's Pink Saturday Party at How Sweet the Sound.  Let's go visit.  Shall we?

When I was in Marshalls snapping up all those pictures
for the post here, this lovely bejeweled notepad caught my eye. I thought it would be terrific for Pretty in Pink day, as an addition to the giveaway this week.

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